(X/S)Unable to Find Valid License For Diablo IV (Code 315306

So, i recently pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition Digitally for Diablo IV. At 4:46AM March 17th on early access launch day. In-game on the Diablo IV menu. It says when connecting. “Unable to Find Valid License For Diablo IV (Code 315306)” on the Xbox Series S.

I have the Microsoft Receipt that indeed pre-ordered to get Early Access for $107 USD. I am aware that the servers are not live yet but, after Queueing that error message pops up on my screen.

Before this issue! It would just say “Game Servers Not Avaliable” now its saying it cant find a license. 5 hours before the early access beta goes live.


I have the same problem!
I’m disheartened by blizzard!

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