XBOX CLub Everything Diablo 2 resurrected looking for Admins

XBOX gamer tag D34dBodyMan

I made a Club for D2R ( Everything Diablo 2 resurrected )

I have channels set up for everything you may need in game since there is no /players 8 on console i think this will be needed and a helpful way to connect with all players and make friends

With the last update from blizzard they expanded their interface to auto join for most of what i have set up but i think a community would also help.

At the moment i have channels:
-#Trist Runs
-#Cows (cow runs) is forbidden for some reason…
-#Baal Runs
-#Tomb Runs
-# Forge Runs

Looking for multiple Admins to help mange and maybe someone to take over the Club in the future depending on the demand