WW/rend barb just stops spinning

while running rift and GRs my barb will just stop spinning or stutter on and off while spinning not and allowing to maintain stacks or my on hit healing… making it to where I cant complete whatever I’m running at time…

Seasonal barb? You are not getting the 6 piece set bonus, wrong chest, no rorg for the chest you are wearing.
[Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20) re-read the guide. Using Istvan’s blades creates an issue with fury as well…

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I have the full 6 set. full fury push and hold the button and I start and stop with out releasing the button all while being at near full fury

Guessing it’s something to do with force move / force stop key binding? How do you move your barb when not whirlwinding?

If you hover over any of the Wastes pieces the Barb’s wearing you’ll see that whilst it only has 5/6 equipped, the full 6-piece bonus is in effect. That’ll be because they have the RoRG in the 4th Cube slot, that the Armoury site doesn’t show.

When I inspected the OP’s Barb, they had BK swords equipped, and had the Weapons Master passive selected. A lack of fury isn’t the issue.

Just as a test, if you have WW set to be your right mouse button, and Rend on your left, swap them over and see whether you now get issues with Rending. (My guess is you have a failing right mouse button)

None of this is a bug, by the way, and you got answers to your duplicate thread you created before this one in the Barbarian forum.

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I sometimes had a similar issue. I hotkeyed WW to the A key (I use ASDF instead of 1234) and it works fine. Try that and see if makes a difference.

I had a similar problem when I accidentally numlocked Rend and the Barb would stop every second or so to cast it.

I had the same problem. A new mouse was the solution… they do wear out.