WW/rend barb just stops spinning

while trying to run rifts and GRs my barb will just stop spinning or stutter on and off while spinning causing me to not be able to maintain stack or my on hit healing can someone explain to me why this is happening or help me fix it

Read through the guide again and make item changes as suggested.

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have played this build for many years… But your reply has nothing to do with the issues I am having… The issues I’m having are with full fury I press and hold the button WW is set up on and I will start to spin then stop with out moving my finger…

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Okay, so is your mouse button faulty?

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time for a new mouse

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Something similar happened to me when I accidentally “numlocked” Rend and the Barb would stop spinning to cast it.

I’m not sure if it could happen on a PC too though. I’m on a Mac, and numlocking works through caps lock, which makes it easier to hit it by accident.

That said, as others have pointed out, your mouse is the most likely culprit. Try and bind WW to a different mouse button or to a key on your keyboard and see if you’re still having the same problem.

Does it happen randomly, or when you use another skill? Like Pja mentioned, does it happen when you left click rend? That was happening to me, and I could not figure out the issue, so I moved rend to my “1” key, and furious charge to my lmb, and have zero issues now. I play a different variation of the build than you though, so that might not help.

sorry it took me so long to reply i found out somrthing was wrong with mouse and had to replace it … only have the damn thing for a year at most grrrrr

yay, thats great.

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