Ww wastes set ring and weapon question

Currently I have the wastes set in ancients along with lamentation focus restraint squirts and I find two things

When I run duel wield doombringer with ambo and primal echoing fury I finish gifts faster by like 1 min with 5 mill damage over 7.1mill with grandfather ?

Also when I switch to a ancient coe and windswear my damage increases by like 800 000 is this better then focus and restraint?

The three rings in the WW/Rend build are CoE (equipped), BoM (equipped) and ORotZ (cubed)…

In the season where we had a 4th Cube slot, we could Cube both the ORotZ and BoM, and wear Focus + Restraint, because maintaining the F+R bonuses was better than CoE. That’s no longer available, so you need the three core rings, because if you Cube ORotZ and wear F+R you’re missing out on the massive protection from BoM.

Anyone else find with doombringer ethereal and echoing fury in clearing faster then godfather the db has Ambos and berserker rage the godfather has in Geom and the fury healing passive

It’s because you have echoing fury equipped. For very fast speeds that will be better. It’s is the same for t16 key runs. It is better to not even run an ethereal. Just stick with bul kathos blades. This is the issue with ww using ethereals. We need to give up something important in order to use them. Dropping istvans or bulkathos weapon are a big deal to the build.

Godfather + echo fury is good for speeds. The EF effect will trigger your zodiac faster for fast cooldowns and give you actual movement speed. Ngeo is great too. Anything under gr100 bk swords are easier to deal with.