WW Stats for season 19

So with 150 on belt do we get to ignore AD and get AS and IAS as well as choose Rend as %skill? As long as we get 100 up on IP, and do we need skull anymore? Was looking like was going to be a mix of 2 dmg sources but not anymore.

I don’t know that the optimal choices of AS/IAS/AD have been fully determined. In PTR it seemed that a variety of things worked. Dropping Skullgrasp and WW% for Rend% did seem to be the most common setup, were missing too much VIT if had both %, maybe a high Para player may get away with both. Even use of IP was far from universal.

When Rend was 200% the advice was to ignore whirlwind damage and avoid AD.
Guess the same applies to 150%.

I think dropping Skull Grasp and not worrying about Area Damage will end up being the direction you want to go.

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See my response in this thread [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20) - #195 by alex-26372 why WW damage is negligible.

AD does not benefit ambo rend at all. Neither does IAS provided that you have 2 APS so that you can apply two rends (lamentation) in one sec (ambo). At least this is my understanding. BK swords without IAS rolls or Istvans without IAS rolls at 5 stacks, with AS paragon and no AS rolls in gear (even no obsidian) reach that breakpoint.

I changed 10% wep dmg to area dmg and found that to be a really big help. I think maybe not have as much AD but still have some. I did a rift in 11mins and then changed to the AD and did it in 6.
But I’m no expert in this.

Refer to this post for detailed rend mechanics Rend mechanics 2.6.7 - #3 by sVr-21743. AD only benefits hard cast rend and not ambo rend. Did you cast rend yourself maybe?

I didn’t see this in Free’s guide, maybe I missed it. I was under the impression that one hit from Ambo’s automatically applies two Rend stacks. Below is all that Free says about attack speed:

I agree that you do not need to stack at all, that’s what I wrote. You don’t need any AS in your gear if you’re using BK or IB.

Source for 2 rends/sec: https://www.reddit.com/r/diablo3/comments/dwgw2v/ambos_pride_lamentation_2_piece_wastes_mechanic/

Hey there, y’all.

The Zodiac WW guide has been fully updated. Y’all should find what you need there: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

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