WW Rend Barb - Quick question

Hello everyone,

On my seasonal barb, everyone is telling me to roll my 10% CDR on weapon for 10% dmg.

Should I do that ? I feel like losing 10% CDR would hurt and I’m only at 48% CDR right now.

Opinions ?


No, you want to keep the 10% cdr.

There’s plenty of advice regarding weapons / affix priorities in the stickied guide thread at the top of the Barb forum…

I am aware of that and I read them, but it got thinking maybe they weren’t up to date since every single barb I have met in my group ques is telling me to reforge them.

They kept saying rend dmg with WW is based on MH and the 10% would make a big difference. Obviously. I did read the guide on the forum and icy-vein which were both saying CDR was more important which is why I asked here.

thanks dude!

Manually cast Rends are based on the weapon damage of your main hand. I’ve seen some leaderboard spots where they have Ambo’s + Doombringer equipped, and they have 10% weapon damage on the Ambo, to maximise the manual Rends. Looking at your profile though, you’re still using BK weapons, which are generally for speed-farming, not pushing (which is where Istvan’s or Ambo+Doom are used).

I know about BK not being optimal, I have been quite unlucky with my ancient legendary drop… Only BK dropped as Ancient Legendary. Trying to upgrade them, but nothing is dropping :frowning:

Yolo, it depends on what setup you are using, and how you are playing it. To push well, you need to hard-cast Rend in order to proc area damage. This doesn’t happen when Rend is caused by WW- only when you hard cast it. In addition, while Rends caused by WW alternate between your two weapons, hard-cast Rends base their damage only on your MH weapon (hence the value of a 10% Dmg roll there).

If you are not planning on hard-casting, then the dmg% roll is less valuable. On the other hand, from looking at your gear it looks like you are using the BK swords, which speed up WW a good bit and help you to meet reach your cooldowns via Zodiac procs. Dropping that CDR roll for Dmg% will leave you at 42.4%, which may well still be enough.

Either CDR or Dmg% is going to be fine, but ultimately I think the Dmg roll will let you push just a little higher, if you are hard casting.

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For a BK setup, you can afford to drop a CDR roll as long as you’re maintaining perma-wrath. Assuming that’s the case, the extra CDR isnt’ doing anything for you and I’d take the 10% to speed up farming.

I agree with Rage, given that your CDR on your profile says you are at 52.3% you are well beyond the requirement to manage Ground Stomp and Wrath of the Berserker.

And since you haven’t reached the point where equipping Captain Crimson’s is beneficial yet, you have very little gain from those CDR rolls on your weapons, and you are better of with +damage%. You ought to be able to forego those vitality rolls on the weapons too, so you might just bet on some better ones in near future.

CDR is nice for speed farming thou as you tend to hit less and thus get fewer Zodiac procs to reset cooldowns, but ~45% is well enough with the Bul-Kathos’ weapons.

Just so you know, profile doesn’t do multiplicative stuff like CDR correctly. It just adds up all the numbers, which is obviously not how it works in-game. You’ve either got to import the profile to D3planner or crunch the numbers manually to get the right figure.

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Jeez, that’s wasn’t fixed when they imported the D3 system into the game guide?

Oh well… thanks for the heads up Rage

I go down at 42% CDR when I change the 10% CDR to 10% DMG on my weapon. I feel like it’s a bit sketchier on Wrath, it’s usually always up but if the mob density isn’t there, I struggle a bit.

It seems to increase dmg by quite a bit though.

That’s the thing, but if it doesn’t support the way you want to play then don’t do it. Rend always sucks when you run in to bad maps with close to no density - we all know these maps…

But if it works for T16 rifts, those are where you really want to use Bul-Kathos and want to optimize towards so. Then go for it.

I had the opposite problem, in GRift between 95-110 it’s fairly easy to keep Wrath up. There is usually enough mobs for me to get enough crits.

In T16 it’s a bit harder since I just one-shot everything and I don’t get enough hit to keep Wrath up, but I don’t need Wrath to be 100% of the time to survive so it’s really not that much of a problem.

It’s only very bad in higher GRift because when Wrath goes down, that 50% DR is pretty much life or death

Well T16 things die very easily and you just loose those zodiac reductions on your skills because you hit them once only. Whereas in GRs you usually hit monsters 3-4 times before you are through them, so cooldowns are easier to manage.

Thus for a T16 farming setup you’d want a bit more CDR to compensate. I’d run CDR on both BK swords for T16 as that extra is really helpful.

In the end, for GRs it is also a matter of how you want the build to be played and what you enjoy. Sure there are optimized rolls, but if you want it to be a little less restrictive, then do so. It’s not gonna cost you 5-10 GR tiers anyways.