WW barb tweaking setup

i really like playing ww barb and i know barbs are weak compared to other
classes(iv never played barb in other seasons) so im wondering if i can break
gr 70 with my current setup. i find i get 1 shotted by some elites in txx, is there
anything i need to tweak? ( i know i need emeralds in my other bulkatos and
im working on leveling my gems, taeguk, bane of the striken and pain enhancer)

Get rid of the IK change it for Waste pants and PoC belt. Drop cleave and Call of the ancients and replace them with threatening shout demoralize and Ignore pain. Cube Mantel of channeling and zodiac ring ( or any of the other rings you are wearing) and you should get to 70 no problem. Beyond that you will need massive changes to push into the 90+ range.

If you take a look at my barb im currently geared optimally for Grift 75.
you dont need any IK. all wastes with the new mortic bracers or whatever they are called we have a lot of toughness. you can swap out the belt for witching hour if you want…but it makes you a bit more squishy.

what i have going on in my build …from what i have read and researched will be the best to keep upgrading and augmenting if you want to stick to WW. you want IAS on both your weapons and rings, or one ring and neck. to get the correct ticks per second for your WW/Dust Devils.

I havent found and Echoing Fury yet which is why im running with the furnace which is still good. im assuming, but have not tested, that echoing fury will be more speed farming oriented and furnace will remain better for grifts. HMU with any other questions.

Remember, folks, the complete guide has the answers you’re looking for: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

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