WW and Rage Flip

Any tips on using Rage Flip with WW? I know it’s probably a question of practicing a lot if you’re not used to playing support and pull barb. It’s hard to aim and move (while WW-ing) and flip the cursor in the precise direction before throwing the spear and then immediately move in the other direction…

I can see on the leaderboard that some have Rage Flip on left mouse and WW on right but to do that on my setup I have to hold down force stand still in order to throw the spear. Some have WW on left mouse but then it seems you have to hold down force stand still to get WW going…

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

This is where playing zDPS Barb really comes in handy!

Practice, practice, practice. Aim in straight lines, and watch where monster hit-boxes contact level geometry. Sometimes, you’ll need to angle your spear to get mobs through doorways, and sometimes you’ll need to pull them around corners by breaking your “pull” into 2 or 3 spears–which is about all you can do before mobs go CC immune and you need to let them cool off.

I recommend you tap and hold Force Stand Still to spear, then let go as the spear is traveling. There’s a particular rhythm to it, and it shouldn’t take long before you “feel” your pulls before you make them.

For more info, check the complete guide: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)


Thx for taking the time Free. Of course I’ve read the guide (several times :grinning: ) which also states that rage flip is a bit hard to master.

PS. I guess that IB is to be preferred with Rage Flip because of the Fury generation in density and other things (like losing War Cry or another mitigation skill).