Wrath problems at 2 bosses with crusader


We just testet the crusader as rgk a bunch of runs. And even solo we came to the same result. You dont get resources back at infernal maiden and vesalius. I think this shouldn´t be the way to go, maybe its a little bug. Would be nice to know if we are just doing a mistake and some other players know how to solve this.


Is this working as intended or an oversight.

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To be honest, I don’t know off the top of my head for these two in particular. We can check it out just in case.


I’m not entirely sure about Infernal Maiden, but certainly with Vesalius the issue seems to be that it’s “floating” and the FotH lightning on the ground does not hit them, and therefore does not return resources.

Maiden is probably the same issue, although I’m not sure if She’s floating 100% of the time or only during certain attack animations.


We have tested this several times, and it seems as though the conclusion we have come to, is this is happening because of the hitbox being wonky because they are floating. There are ways to mitigate it, but its annoying


Looks like a bug to me as it is really hard to fight them with my usual GRift build setup that works flawless in all the other cases.


Its a known issue for a while. Please look into it & fix it.

Thanks for the feedback


Please check the bug report forum… I already reported several times that three bosses (Perendi, Infernal Maiden, Vesalius) do not return wrath… (2 weeks ago)

Plus, please fix the holy damage reflection bug… Your holy/arcane resistance “does not” reduce reflection damage when you use holy skills…


I uploaded video to explain this reflection bug.

When I used FotH (lightning), the damage reflection was negligible due to my life on hit. However, when I used HF (holy) at the 0:30 (see 0.25 slow motion), the holy reflection deals insane amount of damage to me.

This result demonstrates that arcane/holy resistance does not prevent holy reflection damage. Both Condemn and HF are problematic now.


2 things to consider here. First, your Iron Skin buff expired just before you took the spike damage. Second, FotH does a tiny fraction of the damage that your HF does, and so the reflect from it won’t do much either.


First, I will control iron skin later to be fair. But the result will be the same. Second, damage reflection is not based on the original skills damage. Only the missile reflection damage from Dancer and Sand Dweller is based on the original skills damage (that is why Impale DH killed by one shot from these monsters).


I’m aware of the true reflect from those other mob types, however I thought that reflect affix was still a % of your element damage dealt before critical hits; maybe that changed in some patch :man_shrugging:

That being said, a more controlled test against Siegebreaker for example (due to fixed reflect affix) using un-runed FotH and then FotHh with a holy rune with a low damage setup (to provide a large sample of hits/reflects) would be optimal.


I thought reflect is not mitigated by any other resistance but physical. Also it should be set damage but frequency of damaging proc would increase frequency of reflect?


It was changed long time ago that reflection follows your element (not fixed to physical).

The reflection damage does not depend on the skills’ damage. Only missile (projectile) reflection done by Dessert Dancer or Sand Dweller follows the damage of the skill (e.g., Impale).

Yes, frequency/proc will infleunce the frequency of reflection.


We have gotten wrath regen to work with these bosses, if you make a little triangle around the boss with 3 FotH then the chains return resource, the actually casts of FotH however do seem to be bugged with these bosses hitboxes.