Would you buy a D3 new class DLC over D4 new season?

Haven’t D4 license and won’t buy it all. As for D3 that DLC must contain something bigger than just new class (haven’t necromancer yet).

When it’s on sale, it’s not a bad price for two extra character slots, 2 extra stash tabs, and two skins of the same pair of wings. I find the class mostly clunky and least fun to play but the pack still enhances my enjoyment of the rest of the game. :rofl:

Absolutely. New class DLC for D3 would be the best blizzard release since Necro DLC.

However Diablo 4 seems to be on the way of improvement. S2 looks promising enough to return (I quit right with the S1 patchnotes)

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I do not have D4.
I do have D3.
So I wouldn’t want a D4 item because I will not use it.

I like the Lilith statue thingy however. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Here is an unboxing video of Lilith statue on the tube of the you. This is not me fyi.



Heck yeah!

20 characters.

Imagine the hype if they announced a new D3 expansion at Bli$$con.

With the current state of Blizzard, I’d still be skeptical about it.

Would it come out the same quality that D4 was? Would it add a bunch of MTX and insist on shoving them in your face when you log in?

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I would buy the necro and the new class yes… depending on what they do with the next season I might buy the necro anyway.

not sure… After the d4 failure that’s its become… I don’t think I can ever feel comfortable giving these guys money again for anything.

just two character slots, two stash tabs, some cosmetics and 1 class? Even with 30% discount isn’t enough :rofl:

Some people paid full price to have the stash tabs alone. The class itself was just extra.

Then again, what is worth the price tag varies from person to person.

I bought the necro pack just for the stash and char slots. Never rolled a necro.

Would gladly buy 3 more if the tabs and slots added up.

How hard it is to sell stash tabs, one for $5. Come on blizzard i thought you loved $$$

They already tried to give us more tabs for free (as season journey rewards). Due to technical limitations the total maximum is 13, any more apparently causes issues. Adding a price tag won’t change that.

It’s pretty impossible according to blizzard. But there is as far as I know nothing that stops them to sell characteristics.

Well it should be technically possible to so it for SSF mode.

The issue is that all tabs of all players have to be loaded due to bad design.
Technically it would enable them to allow us 4x the stash space for SSF chars

It’s a bad idea. Don’t let them have so much storage space in SSF. People will cry in normal mode for the same amount. That’s an endless discussion.

You’re not much of a bargain hunter are you? It’s been discounted much more than 30% for years. And if you are after the right pack, you can get it as a free extra.

I got it for ~AU$7. At that price, the time that I am saved playing stash Tetris thanks to two extra tabs and character slots it’s easily worth it.

Spirit Beast are literally what they sound like. An animal in a spirit form. Not a WoW thing as far as I know. More of an anime thing if anything. The reason I don’t think shapeshifting would work in D3 is the delay the action of shapeshifting itself would incur. D3 has a problem with actions being done while animations are taking place. Ever wonder why you can’t kill a boss while it is throwing a big spell? Now I am not 100% sure if this is intentional or a limitation of the system. But given how often we see it, I am thinking the latter. So if that is the case, then the shapeshifting animation itself would induce a delay in any spellcasting. That is why I think Spirit Beast would be a good alternative. They would be a spell that takes the form of an animal so they could be cast instantaneously.

i would too bro :grinning: D3 is immortal game, D3 is dope :yum:

I’m going to wait on Diablo IV (at least, until I get a state of the art computer system).

I would definitely purchase a new DLC for Diablo 3, if it had a new class, or an old one, like the Druid.

Also, I want mounts, like WoW has. I would pay for mounts.