Would you buy a D3 new class DLC over D4 new season?

For me, I would buy it. I think a D3 expansion is way better than whatever they do to D4. What about you?


Not to mention D4 (I don’t have it), that will depend on the class. But I think D3 already covers a lot of skills, I don’t really see which one could attract me…

I would, and I agree with so many people that Diablo IV is an embarrassment.

When the head D4 dev told us to not take the game so seriously, I stopped playing.

Actually, many had just stopped playing because the game was unplayable in so many ways.


No question. Absolutely.


I would buy an expansion. Add the Druid to D3. Add some new maps, improve the graphics, and add some character slots and stash tabs. I would definitely pay for that.


Would you buy a D3 new class DLC over D4 new season?

I can play D4 new seasons for free. At this point I would rather have a full D3 expansion over a class.


I would like it to cover the events between D3 and D4. Lyndon made it into D4 what happened to the others.


I would buy new D3 DLC before buying D4 itself.

I wont buy D3 DLC that doesn’t contain at least three more character slots. Plus it would need something more than another new class (highly unlikely due to no more money for new art). I have spoken about what more I’d like elsewhere (that doesn’t require new art).

Unintended Star Wars reference.


D4 does not interest me in the slightest so there’s plenty of things I would spend money on before that.


I would happily play real D2 Summoner Necro in D3. But maybe not possible bc game is so fast.
Knight class would also be nice. Crusader is meh.
Druid too but mostly Summoner

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At this point I will even pay for just more characterslots. Like 10 characterslots for 20 bucks or something.


Yes, I would buy a D3 extension, but having said that, I believe the future of Diablo franchise rests on D4. I believe eventually they’ll get D4 fixed.


I do have d4, i won’t be playing s2. Nor do i intent to buy any expansion or dlc for d4.

D4 starts at max level. Anything before that is crap. Most at max level too, apparently. Getting to 100 is boring, tedious, a chore and very boring.

Leveling in d3 is boring too, but at least you can get past that rather quickly.

Both d3 and d4 really start at max level.

It is very highly likely i will buy expansion or dlc for d3. A new class, sure definitely, if that comes with character slots and stash tabs.

If they did a full expansion I would get one for me and one for Bravata just to see how many times she quits.


I’d buy a new expansion epecailly if it had more stash tabs.

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Don’t have D4 so would obviously get anything for D3 before D4.

Out of all the usual archetypes, a proper shapeshifter has been what’s missing in D3. D2 has slower combat so I’m curious to see what a Druid dialed up to 11 would be like in D3. I don’t think the D4 druid is that kind of druid. It’s a shame we never got a Druid DLC for D3 as hinted all those years ago.


Only if it was an either or option. Otherwise I would buy both. NGL despite all it’s warts, D4 is still fun for me.

I think a druid in D3 would use spirit beast rather than shapeshift. It would allow for a faster pace. Sort of a hybrid wizard/demon hunter setup. Cloak yourself in a bear spirit for armor, send out waves of wolves or big cats. Throw out a rino for a huge hit. All kinds of animal spirits to choose from.

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Doubt I would buy a D3 expansion, with the one huge exception being them adding an offline mode (for PC obviously).

D4 seasons dont cost money. Certainly might buy a D4 expansion, but as usual, I would be skeptical about Blizzards ability to deliver anything these days, so they would have their work cut out for them. Blizzard are making some decent changes for D4 so far. But there is a long way up from that decade long hole they dug themselves into.

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If they ever did another DLC class I could go for something totally different, not the same old ones we have played for over 20 years. Like I said before if angels and demons have offspring, what could a half demon and half “human” bring to the game. Something like a D&D Tiefling. “Tieflings are derived from human bloodlines, and in the broadest possible sense, they still look human. However, their infernal heritage has left a clear imprint on their appearance.”


I have NFI what spirit beasts are. I’m assuming something from WoW.

In my mind, a D3 Druid would be a reimagined D2 druid to adjust everything to suit the faster paced gameplay. Shapeshifting would have been one aspect and it would have retained the elemental caster, plant/spirit/animal summon abilities from D2 as well.

The skill grouping would have followed something along the lines of…

  • primary attacks (combination of basic spells, short term summons like a quick vine attack from the ground, and partial shapeshifts like only transforming the arm into a wearwolf claw)
  • fire/earth elemental
  • wind elemental (both offense and defense)
  • plant/spirit summons
  • animal summons
  • shapeshifts

The way I saw shapeshifts would be similar to playing the Wizard’s Archon skill with Vyrs in that it completely changes your attacks. The sixth skill would be to revert back to human form so you wouldn’t be on a timer. I’d imaging that one of the class sets would be based around encouraging the player to change forms regularly and that you could apply stacks with your basic attack to enemies and changing to a different form and then attacking would release the stacks as a particular effect. Obviously werewolf and were bear would make an appearance but other shapeshifts new to the franchise would be introduced.

Other class sets would be centered around casting and summoning and introducing mechanics/interactions like existing class sets do.

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