Would the pvp be viable in d3 if

currently exists this set Krelm’s Buff Bulwark with 2 items Krelm’s Buff Belt and Krelm’s Buff Bracers, this set could be tweaked for pvp if… (serious question) what if they make them 2 new leg powers? that only activates when others players are the enemies, not in pve, give the Set Belt: “gain 99% (or 99.99999?) dmg reduction to other players (does not work against mosters)” instead of 25% run speed, and the other item the Set Bracers : doubles de health given by vitality instead of “You are immune to Knockback and Stun effects”. and the Set Bonus: is +5000 (or 50.000?) Vitality (2 items) instead of +500 Vitality, this item should be active only on the brawl zone, and im pretty sure this stuff will fix the oneshot stuff, this should be very interesting to be tested in pvp

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PVP would only work if it were done like a Challenge Rift so that the Arena would include players with the same class and gear.

The reason PVP doesn’t work in D3 is that the classes are so unbalanced.

@Schyzo short answer: no, it would either not be enough (still a 1-shot fest) or too much (unkillable characters). For a more in depth backstory, see the Brawling Forum and my post about it here:

I think we need proper crafted items with fixated affixes, passives overhauled to benefit thorns/block and some less popular skillrunes to be tweaked for elite damage at every class. Too much work for developers for a deadend game, it was a dead end game for them 3 years ago nothing changed by now.

On top of that a single map for PvP won’t cut it and in case they pay attention to the balance dynamics they would be entitled to deliver a separated PvP mode. Again, they need to design different map and perhaps environmental hazards for different mindset of mechanics.

It’s been seven eight years since game is out and every change they made so far only hurt the brawl scene so I wouldn’t count on drastic changes. I’m pretty bitter about it but I even tossed a huge design doc about D3 to developers and CM a year ago. Seeing the direction so far, guessing that’s the direction they’re comfortable with and I guess I have nothing to do but accept it.

Perhaps class set (and LoN/LoD) bonuses should not be active?

Need to also make sure you can’t swap gear mid fight.

I used to do this to a friend of mine… swapping immunity amulets on him.

99% damage reduction to players wouldn’t be enough.

The amount damage players yield is just that high. That said, you wouldn’t even need to make it a legendary effect; you could just make players naturally deal reduced damage towards one another or have anything within the scorched chapel deal reduced damage. No need to take up item slots.

If you want to enjoy D3 brawling, you need to stop using legendary items and only using white/blue/yellow items.

and yes, 99% damage reduction not going to save you from one-shotting against full-equipped character in D3.

If I not mistaken, there was a mobile ARPG pvp that I am playing where you were dealing millions to billion damage, your character gains extremely high damage reduction from the player and your current HP got multiplied by 20 or 30 (I think) whenever you are PVP someone.