i was gambling some bracers on a level 1 WD on expert difficulty and noticed getting bracers from all different classes.
Spent around 4K shards, there are the legendary results:

4 bracers of destruction (barb)
1 bracers of the first men (barb)
1 Ashnagarr’s blood bracers (wizard)
4 pinto’s pride (monk)
1 wraps of clarity (DH)
3 Cesar’s memento (Monk)

So, i got a fair share of legendaries but not a single WD bracer !!!

I’m not 100% certain, but I believe this is normal behavior and working as intended.

WD’s Kadala loot table doesn’t start providing legendary bracers until level 31. You getting legendary bracers from other classes is likely by design to prevent you from getting nothing from the shards you spent.

Maxroll has a Kadala Gambling Calculator page that I can’t link here, but you can reference to see what I’m talking about.


If i use the d3-gamble-calculator on Maxroll and select WD level 1 i indeed get no bracers.
So, you probably right that this is working as intended.

WD havent’ specifically bracers until 70

That is true for class-specific WD bracers, but they start getting legendary bracers via Kadala as early as level 31.

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