Wizzard Sanctified Arcane Orb Bug

I am messing with the arcane orb sanctified power and the effect doesn’t seem to be working (or is just visually bugged) with arcane orbit. When I have the arcane orbit rune, I no longer get the arcane orbs that orbit the player character that shows how many orbs are stored that will be cast with the next cast or arcane orb. Unless I am misunderstanding the power (or it is just visually bugged) the additional orbs part doesn’t seem to be working with arcane orbit.
I recorded it as well Arcane Orbit Sanctified Power Bug - YouTube


We might be misunderstanding it, from the wording it turns all 4 orbs to insta detonate now, but then the power says 3 more additional orbs, so the expectation should be a 12x detonation from before but that’s certainly not how it’s working out. Seems like just a 3x which is not nearly enough for Orbit to compete.

In other words, those orbs don’t create orbs themselves to detonate but the wording seems like they should.

By my count it’s 5, provided you had full charges. The 4 orbiting and the one you cast. I have not myself seen any sign of “3 additional orbs”, in my testing at any rate. Tho I have only tested with the cold rune.

Oh okay I see what you’re saying here, I guess I was looking at it as before you’ll always have 3 left behind because the 4th would detonate after cast but then if they instantly explode now you’ll get 3 more explosions is what I meant every cast.

So I guess it’s suppose to be a 4x compared to before then? Cast…explode, all the 4 orbs explode. The way they word it though is those orbs should be casting their own orbs. Mathed that wrong, 8x then.

You know what I mean? Because it’s casting Arcane orbit again which is suppose to be 4 more orbs.
It’s perhaps working as intended though and that’s just how far behind Orbit’s damage is…

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Indeed. Also, in my experience the orbs take a few seconds to respawn, one by one over the span of maybe 3-5 seconds. Meaning that if you immediately cast a second orb following the first, there won’t be any additional orbs accompanying that 2nd casting, it will be on it’s own til they “recharged”.

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Yes that’s what I’m seeing too, so okay I think I might know what’s going on here and it totally makes sense that it would be a bug.

Because basically the sanctified power is turning Arcane Orb into Arcane Orbit, but you are casting Arcane Orbit too I wonder if your manual casts of Orbit is then resetting the sanctified power of Orbit back to zero, overriding it so that it’s only cast once, which so then instead of having 4 charges all casting arcane orbit which is 4 orbs each thus 16 orbs , it’s only spawning once, casting only 1 additional Arcane Orbit, only 8 orbs.

Ok, that is where we differ. I am not casting the Arcane Orbit rune, I am casting the cold based Frost Orb.

Oh lol no wonder the OP is about Arcane Orbit :stuck_out_tongue: , what’s Frozen Orb doing that it’s not suppose to?

It may be acting as intended for all I know, I was not aware Arcane Orbit rune behaved differently. I shall have to try that out next time I am in.

I thought by “Arcane Orbit” they were referring to the Sanctified effect. As per the topic wording “Sanctified Arcane Orbit”.

Ah right, easy to misunderstand since it basically giving all runes Orbit with the angelic power. Yeah OP specifically said Arcane Orbit rune casting which the power was intended to benefit the most since it explodes all but not the way its performing.

Personally testing something is definitely bugged about it, I think it’s resetting the angelic orbs with our own Arcane orbit which would be a x3 or x4 loss depending on the dev expectation vs wording.

Indeed. I think it’s a timing issue since they, as I mentioned take roughly 3-5 seconds to respawn (the Sanctified ones do), so that may be causing a glitch with the rune version.

Yep likely exactly what it is, so as soon as they spawn and you cast, you’re detonating that single charge and using it up. So idk, might be intentional and we need to ask for a buff to that like “Casting Arcane Orbit does not use up your charge”.

It’s all a bit contrived though, like it says “casts an additional orb” so for Orbit rune does that mean just 1 Orbit which is like 200% nothing damage or does it mean another full Orbit charge which is 200%x4 ?

Clarification is needed.


That I can entirely agree with.

I suspect what they need to do is either set all 4 orbs to generate at the same time, rather than one after another over 3-5 seconds. Or let us press the cast button once to generate the orbs then a second press to detonate them once they are all up.

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Right seems like good solutions, Arcane Orbit isn’t good enough to be waiting around that long for a huge blast like it’s Star Pact lol. If that was their intent then they need to like 10x the damage, no exaggeration.

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From what I have seen with testing the sanctified arcane orb power.
Every rune of arcane orb works the same way except for arcane orbit.

The way it works for every rune except arcane orbit is you build up to 4 orbs that orbit your character. these orbs do nothing except indicate that 4 orbs will be cast with your next cast of arcane orb.
With arcane orbit you don’t even generate orbs that build up which would mean the only benefit the arcane orbit rune would gain from this power is that all 4 orbs (from the actual cast of arcane orbit rune) detonate at the same time.

(Video showing no sanctified orbs being generated with arcane orbit rune slotted - Another example - YouTube)

This would mean that you get 1,060% weapon damage per cast with arcane orbit.
For comparison Frozen orb rune with all 4 stacks built up would give you 4,750% weapon damage per cast (950% times 5 frozen orbs, 4 orbs that are stored + the manual cast).

So for arcane orbit to do comparable damage to frozen orb with this power it would need to have 18 orbs that all detonate at the same time when cast with full stacks.


Thanks for showing that comparison video, I guess I didn’t check the other runes like that so makes sense now.

So then it really should work like that in fact be 20 orbs for Orbit with 4 charges? 4 personal and 4x4 from charges which would all detonate at once.
That would do then, their intention would work if it just, worked lol. Well then can’t wait to test Orbit after the fix hopefully!

Indeed, it will be impressive (hopefully) if/when they get it right.

Yes hopefully, assuming each orb would cast an orbit (because that’s what the other runes do) and Starpact like set up style. You could wait for Arcane on CoE, build up Arcane Dynamo stacks, cast Arcane Attunement on a huge pack , get like 40-50 stacks, get 150% ish Area damage and do 20x Orbit damage x 6x arcane x 1.6 x 5.5 AD.

Something like 20 Quadrillion, so 100 Quad in a 4man meta group, sounds good! :smiley:

yep, assuming that each charge would cast 4 orbiting orbs plus the 4 from the manual cast, which would make sense for making the rune actually useable.