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I’ve got a question to experienced wizz players. The final patch notes brought us rework of Mempo of Twilight: " Meteor Shower rune is now applied to all casted Meteors and deals 300–400% increased damage."

Does it mean that if I pick “Star Pact” Rune it will drop 7 Star Pacts? And then I can pick the new MM angelic power to swiftly replenish arcane power? It may seem quiet powerful although I never played Wizz. Maybe “Reverse Archont LoD Meteor” build?

Any thoughts about this? Not really so powerful of may be broken?

Sounds good, doesn’t work. Star pact was really good because you could detonate it on a massive pixel pull, only 1 meteor will be notorious, which is the one landing exactly where you need it, proccing AD, the other 6 meteors won’t proc AD and will fall around hitting few enemies at most, not dealing significant amount of damage.
The 400% will benefit cold rune the most and maybe molten impact.

What’s a molten impact? Has anyone ever used it before? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes LoD/LoD will be more amazing than people give it credit for. It now has one of the highest overall multipliers for a single skill in the game. I am truly sorry for the following wall of text.

All damage increase components of this build for maximum damage:

Legacy of Dreams gem level 99 = 9750% All w/ 13 pieces (9375% used)
Bane of the Trapped game = 60% All (cc)
Zeis Stone of Vengeance = 80% All @ 50 yards (48% @ 30 yards is common)

Blackthornes Pants = 20% Fire
Magefist Gloves = 20% Fire
Cindercoat Chest = 20% Fire
Squirts Necklace = 20% Fire (2 x Damage @ 10 stacks)
Strongarm Bracers = 20% Fire (30% All knockback)
Andariels Helm = 20% Fire
Stone of Jordan = 20% Fire (+9 Max Arcane Power) (30% Elite Damage)
Nilfurs Boast Boots = 600% Meteor (900% 3 or fewer hit)
Mempo of Twilight Helm = 400% Meteor + 6 extra meteors (cube)
Grand Vizier Staff = 400% Meteor (50% less resource cost)
Smoldering Core Staff = 500% Meteor @ 10 stacks (cube)
Convention of Elements Ring = 200% Fire during cycle (cube)
Unity Ring = 15% Elite Damage (optional)

Passives: Power Hungry 30% @ 30 yards or more
Arcane Dynamo: 60% after casting Meteor @ 5 stacks

General rolls:
30% Meteor damage Helm/Boots
10% Elite Damage Weapon (optional)

Shoulders: user preference
Belt: Shame of Delsere for much faster arcane power recovery

Maxroll Website with all these items, skills/passive/paragon 1500 to get to 174 Arcane power, with perfect gear augmented, while standing in an Occulous Ring:
Meteor can crit up to 2,068,322,426,326,095
Yup… That’s 2 Quadrillion from 1 Starpact meteor, not including the 400% buff from Mempo Helm, which will also add 6 more meteors.

Brings us to a whopping 70 Quadrillion possible damage from 1 cast on an elite/boss during a convention cycle. Then factor in Pylons. You could potentially get much more damage in a group and change some passives for more offense. So even if you have 10k main stat you’d still do 30 Quadrillion possible damage.

Keep in mind we don’t yet know if the helm will be additive or multiplicative damage, or if we get stuck with the 277% per meteor from the given rune, plus any bugs blizzard may have added while making this change. Even without starpact you can now spam all other meteors for massive damage and it will be incredible!

How’s that? Mind showing the planner? I do believe you lose 40 arcane with this set up, -20 from no source and -20 from no wand (2H Staves don’t roll arcane power).
So that’s -800% right there, also you’d wear the Swami not Andariels Helm unless you want -60 arcane!

And Dead is right (which wudijo reiterated in his video) only one or two at best meteors will be truly doing that max damage, and all these 20% additives isn’t much in comparison with Aughild’s 1.6x mod on elites and F&R’s 2.25x that Tal Rasha can get and meanwhile Comet spam can easily hit the 10 target for Smoldering, Starpact due to no 2PC TR would have to preset hit rotations like it had to do in the old days (super time sink).

I don’t want to kill LoD Starpact hype here because it is going to be pretty awesome and hit very hard but I just see Comet performing much better than most think and Starpact performing much worse than most think. I think Molten Impact is going to be a bummer without Captain Crimsons, too much CD rolls would be required. I just see Meteor spamming winning here with Comet and Thunder crash but guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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So I don’t have a profile with maxroll and apparently if I save the page as a favorite after setup it doesn’t matter since the url isn’t updated after changes are made. That’s my fault. Below is the updated version in type format.

As for the the arcane power 100 base, + 25 paragon, +20 energy tap rune - energy armor, +20 astral presence passive, +9 Stone of Jordan = 174. The ele damage on all the LoD isnt additive either, thats 140% multiplier for any rune you want. Options are good.

I understand Tals has its advantages like you can have much more AP with mainhand and source, the +meteor damage on Tal o/h, and combining multiple sets, but theres a huge disadvantage to using it. You now have to cycle multiple elements you may not want to use. I personally hate that style of play. Also to get the maximum damage with Tals you still need both 2 handers (there goes your o/h), so you can only miss 1 of the next six pieces youre forces to wear.

Tals is probably going to be forced into 1 specific set with no variety unless you want to lose 10 tiers.

As for the helms you mentioned no I wouldn’t use swami just for the arcane power, and my build didnt use Archon at all. In that case I’d swap Familiar Spark Flint for Time Warp and put Crown of the Primus in place of Andariels.

Update: 1500 Paragon, all the usual points, Main stat page is max AP + Movement speed and the rest in Int. All gear is perfect with 750 bonus Int.

Head: Crown of the Primus
Shoulder: Doesn’t matter but Skeleton King
Gloves: Magefist
Chest: Cindercoat
Belt: Shame of Delsere
Pants: Blackthorne
Boots: Nilfurs Boast
Bracers: Strongarm
Neck: Squirts
Rings: Stone of Jordan & Unity
Weapon: Grand Vizier

Cube: Smoldering Core, (Mempo if updated), Convention of Elements

Legendary Gems: LoD, Bane of the Trapped, Zeis Stone of Vengeance

Skills: Energy Armor - Energy Tap, Magic Weapon - Deflection, Slow Time - any rune you want (I actually like the stun since you can’t be charged or leaped at from offscreen), Teleport - Wormhole, Magic Missle - Conflagrate, Meteor - Star Pact

Passives - Galv Ward, Arcane Dynamo, Power Hungry, Astral Presence

Conclusion: 55% Elite damage, 120% Elemental damage, 30% Meteor damage, 45% extra damage taken by enemy, 188 Arcane Power, 900k life, 48% crit, 480% crit damage, 1.32 aps, 28.34 AP per sec while casting Magic Missle, 6.63 seconds to fully refill AP for next Star Pact.

Crit Damage Range as listed on Maxroll:
1,966,939,054,598,151 to 2,642,895,844,900,516
Factor in the 400% from Mempo = 13,214,479,224,502,580 x 7 hits ~ 92.5 Quadrillion from 1 cast if they all crit while your stars aligned.

This would most likely be the push version of this specific setup.

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Thanks for explaining, guess I forgot about Energy Tap and SoJ.
Wait I thought this was all for Reverse Archon?? You’re telling me it does this kind of damage without Archon?!

Oh damn you better believe they’ll try reverse archon with this set up, you can reach some crazy numbers. So you’ll have to sacrifice Crown of Primus. Also this is extremely squishy so they’ll likely take Stone Guants for this instead of magefist and either the CC gem or wear Mempo and cube Nilfurs and slot Ice Climbers…used to be pretty much mandatory in high GRs even in groups for this type of set up.

Idk this is going to be super niche but I don’t doubt that it’s ceiling for very high paragons can be really high. We’ll definitely see it being used no doubt.

Okay hope you don’t take offense but here’s a more realistic model as I was modelling yours and it had like 15M toughness @ 2k paragon lol. Even with a full stack of armor buffs from Stone Gaunts it was only @ about 150M - those are just truly unacceptable amounts of toughness for anything above GR115, you’ll get sneezed on even with a full deck of zDps at your back.

So on that note the 20 AP from Energy Tap totally isn’t worth it vs 80% DR (which LoD badly needs) from Karani…so that’s out. But still leaves you with 154 AP, not great but not too bad. You then might be able with minimum 2 zdps able to drop Stone gaunts but I don’t see why you’d want to for 20% damage on magefist since that’s hardly a tiers worth of damage. And most of the time as it’s much more important to get into Oculus ring then max Distance on Zei’s, so putting CC gem is more important.

That gives you about 1.4B toughness, much more sensible for high GRs.
So before Mempo we’re looking at about 3.5 Quadrillion, so after about 16ish Quad…everything going right. Let’s just say you get lucky and 3 hit your target and 4 miss, so about 50 Quad now. This is with reverse Archon btw so without that you’d be looking much closer to the other runes.

Concerningly powerful for something without seasonal powers being included, but I don’t think anything game breaking. Like at the end of the day you could do all this set up and prep being squishy as hell for one big BOOM, or you can just cast Comet like 10 times every Cold rotation and likely do around the same thing. I just think that’s the way it’s going to be that this will be more show-off than anything, we’ll see though.

Trust me no offense taken at all. It’s nice to have a logical discussion. I fully agree with you it’s quite squishy but from a numerical standpoint it will get the job done.

Thankfully this season is completely broken with every group that has Barbs using ww. Organized groups won’t be taking much damage. But here’s the real kicker with the numbers, 188 AP = 3,760% multiplier for a starpact meteor. 1 Star Pact cast in CoE cycle is the equivalent of using the cold rune 38 times (49 seconds of straight casting). When you factor in CoE cycles that would be much closer to 2 minutes for the same damage. The best part is you can use star Pact out of CoE since it hits so hard.

So grab a WW barb or 2, a DH with Odysseys End, and have fun doing dumb damage. I look forward to seeing Raxx and Wudi making videos with meteor this season.

Had to make this edit after playing around on Maxroll. It appears the Star Pact extra damage is additive not multiplicative.
While the Star Pact comet is @ 2.9Q for max crit hit damage, the Cold Comet rune is @ 497T but both are factoring in arcane dynamo making both unspammable and getting 1 use per CoE. Correct me if I’m wrong about the star pact damage calculation since I don’t fully understand the mechanics of how blizzard decides to calculate certain aspects.

That’s correct that’s why I was wondering where you were getting the 100Q from, still though Reverse Archon and Mempo mod when updated puts it near 20Q x 2.5 hits on average would be over 50Q, then you have Area damage doing another 4-5x mod with multiple procs…so unless they don’t tone down WD’s power with Bogidile you’re looking at the heaviest hitter. Funny how they’re not even mentioning how OP it is, absolute zero mentions of it…smart, they learned well from Wiz club rules lol. Doesn’t matter though all the big streamers already pointed it out. It’s not a huge deal though because honestly that’s more of an RGK where as Starpact more of trash clearer or so we hope.

The only thing is going to be in practice will it actually work that way, I’m doubtful because the 10 hits on smoldering core for max damage heavily favors spamming meteor which TR2 does automatically let alone Comet ect.

I guess if that actually becomes an issue you could just use Deathwish but Smoldering Core’s lure is probably the only way multiple starpacts will actually kill trash. Lots of things to test still with this!

Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. All the damage numbers were straight from the Maxroll page and i got it up to 2.9Q solo + occ ring, then if the math works with the mempo helm 400% thats 2.9 x 5 = 14.5 then the 6 additional comets from the rune so 14.5 x 7 = 101.5Q. It’s just not as far ahead of the other runes as I had thought Just from the numbers in a perfect world that would be possible. If it’s in a group you could theoretically 2-4 shot the RG depending on comp. As of now it seems you could just grab an elite pack, nuke and move. There’s not really a down side. You can’t spam Star Pact but that damage is so high you probably only need 1 to 2 per pack. Arcane dynamo will be ready within seconds and the only thing youre waiting for is CoE to come around while you park in the occ ring. Meanwhile the barbs are pulling the room while the dh tags it with odysseys end. Yeah I can’t wait to test drive this.

Wudijo has it sitting at 3.9T damage for meteor on maxroll, and has a x5, then an x7, which is like 120QT meteor hits. Which bliz doesn’t think might possibly be broken?

His build uses reverse archon and needs perfect timing. And his build didn’t calculate occ rings so that 120Q is now 222Q. Throw in some group buffs from barb and dh and youre at 666Q, coincidence? I don’t know if threatening shout from HoNS set and odysseys end stack like that.

Yeah it’s broken but sucks to play it. If you don’t mind sacrifcing 25-50%% damage, which is probably overkill anyway since the health pool on most mobs isn’t sufficient enough to warrant that build, then you choose the easier method. I much prefer stand in occ and wait for CoE, and even out of cycles the damage is still high and consistent.

Though if GR levels were 160-170 reverse archon would be used much more often since it’s that much better.

Yea… but it’s still broken… getting real tired of seeing them just randomly release broken asf builds without a care in the world…