Wizard severally behind now with latest PTR patch

Glad you guys fixed Storm Armor, but that brings it back to just sucking - even with half duration now.

Bittersweet nerf of MM power, definitely fixes lag but now that just brought our top performing build down 4-5 GRs.

Cool buff to Mirrorball with MM, but that just made MM actually viable, not anything actually powerful.

So that leaves us…you guessed it, dead last yet again.
Please make me feel excited for making a wizard again and buff up DMO / Tals with the Arcane Orb power and Meteor damage change, it’s been a minute (few seasons).


  • Make the Storm Armor Sanctified power an AOE blast
  • Tal Rasha - add every elemental stack decreases teleport CD increases movement speed by 20%, Increase 6pc to 4000% 3000% per stack. Add - All damage is added by each separate static elemental damage amount and applies 25% shields per element.
  • Arcane Orb Sanctified power doubles your Arcane Orb damage and also works for Arcane Orbit (as well as it instantly exploding all orbs)
  • DMO 6pc Doubles your base Area Damage on gear
  • Smoldering Core - Increase Meteor damage by 100% 200% per hit, up to 10 5 stacks.

EDIT: Improved suggestions from posts below

Philosophy changes - So this not only catches these set/builds up, it also changes the way we gear and ultimately changing the meta. For DMO we’d prioritize Area damage as it becomes better than everything else to gear due to the 6pc doubling. For Tal Rasha we’d prioritize elemental % gearing as it becomes better than everything else, changing gear, changing the meta.

  1. Another stacking mechanism. As if Wizards don’t have enough of those yet.
  2. I’d rather see 200%, up to 5 stacks.

Hitting something 10 times is a pain not purely in getting the actual hits, but also in terms of the amount of AP. Do auto-generated Meteor counts as hits are is only self casted ones?


they do count as hits, but 10 hits is a bit much.

Storm armor power is so boring you might as well change it to benefit some set(like manald ring but with better proc, or reset the cooldowns of skills, or something better than killing 1 white mob every 30c)


I don’t get the continued infatuation with long cooldowns in an action rpg. Not only is it not the kind of thing players want, it’s hard to balance because you have to make it powerful enough to take for those very few uses but then it’s so powerful it’s prone to exploits. Don’t even open that door as a developer. If the rift target time is 2 mins, don’t create a power that might only be used 3-4 times because your players won’t take it unless they found an exploit.

This power is only here to offset the other two being highly specific use cases and most builds can find a use for storm armor. This isn’t the answer, though.

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It would be much more convenient if Crown of the Primus could link DMO 2pc


Nothing change stormarmor that can make it go. Even with 30sec CD it’s non usable. It would better to make some toughness buff to it for 30 secs after charging.
Besides reducing the magic missiles is sucks. Maybe them make a significant loading on servers? Ok but make them +100% damage instead.
So in my class now no interesting angelic powers. Only the primal affixes.

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Really disappointed with FB missile nerf. But this is good, make it happen plz. AO have such cool/satisfying effects.

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Btw, Master you may have the numbers (saves me time), how is DMO Missile now comparing to 12f missile firebird (100x proc) ?

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Sadly not comparable, struggled with a 115 with DMO missile, first try 127 with Firebird.

For top gamer comparisons believe Raxx said he struggled on a 125 DMO MM and did 140 FB MM (although think that was pre-nerf so let’s just say 135ish).

So seems about 10ish Tiers behind. But hey at least it’s viable now…till the season ends lol.

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FB missile nerf was to be expected, given the massive lag issues and OPness (140 doable with 2k gons = 150 solo TA later season, ever so boring and uninspired).

I wouldn’t mind a damage buff to Orb, though putting it on a seasonal power feels contrived (oh here’s double damage for you because we felt like it, enjoy it while it lasts!) Why not put it on an existing legendary power so that it could be enjoyed after S27 as well?

It wasn’t really OP per se. Just S-tier in power level and it was the only Wiz build that was as Twister LoD will probably drop down to A-tier for season 27 as it only has the Storm Armor power that is useless outside rift guardian killing on solo.

With the fix Wiz has no build in S-tier nor do they have a group build either. But at least they finally gave us a fast T16 build so that’s something.

How did you measure that Twister LoD is A tier relative to Missile? Have you personally pushed the build on PTR and if so, what GR tier did you complete and at what paragon? Or did you just watch too many Raxx and other streams?

Wouldn’t be that big of an issue if that were the case, and I’m speaking as a wiz main. Because you aren’t competing against other classes in solo anyway.

I was mistaken with me saying MM Firebird pre-nerf was better than LoD Twister, my bad. I haven’t been able to play much myself, because my wrist is wrecked atm. But correct in saying LoD Twister is behind in power level when comparing to builds from other classes. LoD WoL Monk can do a 150 at 1500 Paragon for example.

And while I’d like Blizz to just tune everything down and balance classes so 140 is a good solo result. I don’t see it happening. Especially with these crazy powers we were getting. So I have to compare to what other classes can do when deciding what class I would play to grind paragon if my wrist would let me come season.

My time isn’t infinite, so I need to be as efficient as I can with it. And I want to play Wiz, because it is my main too and pre-nerf MM FB was close to Monk in terms of speed clearing, now though not so much.

You must be new here, lol. The most disappointing thing was no buff to Tal’s 6 piece. Lets double it, for starters.

Yes sir, the decade young wizdog kinda new here so I’m not used to this at all :laughing: , in which half a decade ago on the old forums is when we friend added and probably last grouped together on my wizard that I haven’t touched since then, in which has more elite kills than all your wizards combined. But this is silly like the great grandpa calling the grandpa a newb so let’s not go there - let’s get that Tal’s 6pc buff instead, because believe it or not after all this time I still care 'bout my wizdog buffs! :slight_smile:

(My hands still hurt from that wizard…Rip CM/WW/SNS)

I quit awhile back. I log in from time to time, just to see how…disappointing…the PTR notes are. Though I will say the Tal’s set being converted to a Meteor set was pretty awesome, too bad they only went half-assed.

The DMO buff was exactly as I described it, several years ahead of them.

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I know, I took a pretty large break around then too, believe I missed several seasons and then even a break before seasons. Good to see you around though, not surprised if you don’t remember me - I’m just a nobody with a loud mouth these days, my biggest achievement was long deleted out of existence lol.

Anyway seem to remember your DMO suggestions from back then, and some suggestions of mine. So see although they’re not nearly as interactive as back in the ol’ days, they still do listen and take things we suggest so saying something always better than nothing.

Lol remember when saying nothing was the meta? #wizclubrules , then they quoted us so we knew they were still watching. Anyway…omg I’ve become the rambling old man. shakes cane In our daaaay

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Of course I remember you. My little joke about you being new here was because this is pretty much how wizards have always been treated, barring a certain unintended interaction of a certain meteor rune.

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Huh? Prenerf FB Missile was just a good speed farmer. There was nothing OP about it pushes.

140 at 2k paragon on PTR was childs play. Barbs were doing mid 140’s at 2k, Monks at 150 under 2k along with necros, and I had a 143 on DH with the restraint bug and no vengeance on bar at 1.8k paragon. Wizards were in 5th place solo push before patch, no idea how anyone felt that was OP.

Agreed with frozen orb though.


Its not OP because server locks up past 125-130. PTR bandwidth didnt allow full FB potential to reflect on LB.

Classic FB MI was 17-20 proc per sec depending you go for 42 or 36f. That was a 2k mid 14x - 150 build. Convert to post MM losing death wish, that’s around 72-85 proc per sec. Its not to hard to gear for 5f MM which is 100 proc per sec.

With 1700 ping, my FB @ 1k with all rank 25 gems killed the RG in 55 secs on a random 4P 140. That’ s pretty much a failed RGK right there.

Majority due to PTR server. Less problem on live, especially SA or AU sever.

Standard FB isnt that OP, not everyone can/wants to play archon version.

This is normal these days on all classes. Nothing wrong to be solo 150 capable in seasons no matter what the season theme is.