Wizard Energy Twister While Channeling

Please remove channeling while casting Twisters on console, this mechanic is to OP and should not be there. You removed this already on PC. We console players want some Variations and dont want to play Wizard all the time.


The mechanic of being able to cast twisters while channeling has existed since the launch of the game on console. The console version of the game is different that PC. If you want to play without said mechanics, try playing on pc or just choose not to play wizzard on console. In the end, it is ultimately up to you what you choose to do.

If the developers do decide to address console twister mechanics, so be it; however, there are alot of other mechanics not in parity with PC that have been intentionally overlook/ignored. If they want to start bringing all console mechanics into parity, great! Nephalem glory mechanics should be the first thing they look at, followed by upgrading gems at Shen.

Chances are they won’t even bother to read your post.

as a console player thx for posting this!!!

I agree with Exis in that if this is going to be changed, devs need to look at other extremely overdue items to bring console and PC into parity for a balanced approach.

for example:

  • Nephalam Glory buff in GRs
  • crafting multiple items simultaneously
  • #consoleplayersmatter thread presents plenty of areas needing support on console while PC basks in the sun.