Wizard Builds on Console vs Pc

Yeah i saw that. Inna is hands down top build on pc. Monk is a great season starter 1-70.

Marauder looks good for pushing DH.

Ill start monk, necro or wiz. FB speeds will yield highest xp. Ill have raekor zb for speeds. It depends on the group i play with as to what i am starting with.

FB twisters isnt laggy with newer consoles even in 4 man. I got a series S. They are lightning fast.

I never noticed any lag in Twisters (X-1), even in 4-man couch co-op. That said, LoD Twister always beats the crap out of FB Twister/Mirror, even before the nerf… FB just cramps up my fingers too much, and I cleared 124 with LoD Twister, and FB topped out at 119.
Note: I am naturally slow, other players can do way better with my gear/builds.

FB is way stronger than LoD and with the older consoles it does lag.

It’s probably me then, somehow playing FB always camps up my fingers, holding down disintegrate, casting twisters and teleporting like crazy. I tried it without teleporting, but then too many mobs crowd around me. With LoD, the mobs die a lot faster so I can stay alive much easier, not having to teleport. But like I said, other people may do way better with my fully augmented gear and 5000+ paragon…

People cleared a solo 150 with 1200p and not even fully auged with Firebird. It is just you. Firebird is the most tankiest build in the game. If you are dying with it, you are not playing it correctly.

Sounds a bit distracting from focus that could be useful elsewhere, like dps, and points to there being room to improve defenses.

Getting mobs down before it hurts is also pointing to room to improve defenses.

The more mobs in range for dps the better, for builds that aren’t single target oriented. In the extreme its pretty boring herding mobs imo (entire maps it seems for many builds to do the highest GRs), but your mileage may vary and you can scale that up as far as you want as long as defenses are under control.

Maybe some members who play Wiz will offer some help if you want to post your gear/build in another topic.

I use FB, Captain, Squirt, Bloodbracers, Deathwish, Halo, Unity, Mantle, in the cube I have Furnace, Binding, Grandeur, I wear Topaz everywhere plus Teaguk, Powerfull, trapped. I cast Twister, Disintegrate, explosive, storm armor, teleport, weapon. All augmented, couple of primals in there, around 1 mil life.

And I know I should be GOD with this at 5000 paragon, but I’m not, and I constantly get cramped fingers from avoiding mobs that get too close and then run out of time.

Hello All

I wasn’t even going to play this season but…
One…got a PS5
Two…the Ultimate Edition became on sale in PS Store so I felt it was time to upgrade to digital version while getting D2…

I haven’t even loaded my saved data from my Disc Save so my Digital Version is like totally brand new…so for the Season, what characters and builds should I try and experience on my PS5 (using a ASUS 32" monitor and put the game on internal SSD)…past seasons it’s been a lot of DH and Barb…not much Wiz, WD Nech…some Monk though…

Put orb of inf depth in cube. You need explosive blast - chain reaction. You can also wear aughilds with that build. As I said, it is the most tankiest and the most dps build in the game. You are letting your own ignorance dictate what you think the better build is. It isn’t even close. Firebird is several tiers above LoD.

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I have the orb, I was mistaken.

When I take augild, will I be able to keep up Squirt? I’d loose Mantle, which is more than compensated by Augild, but I worry about loosing the bloodbracers. I mean, you have to really facetank a whole lot of damage since mobs take a long time to die, and wouldn’t that take squirt away?

Might be an idea to also mention your passives so they can be checked. Assume your offhand is FB.

I’m not playing FB, but I see maxroll has an EB FB build you can look at for ideas… you’ll see the push variant is using strength gems rather than int… are you familiar with balancing armor and resists to maximise the effectiveness of those defenses? Have you tried stricken instead of powerful? You’ll see it fits crimson and aughild and the places it’s getting shields from other than ashnagar’s. MoC is cubed. The speed variant (for lower GR xp/gear farming) uses powerful and int gems.

Are you keeping an eye on maintaining your defenses being active and what triggers each of them to their best effectiveness?

You can also look at the builds of clears higher than yours if you need more ideas and want to push further.

not all. I played FB MI wizard (like the PC version of the game) for seasons 23 and 24. I played Raxx’s shield variant.

what school did you go to for math Nick? 625 main stat mate (I’m just teasing you lol).

fishing is easily fixed - just limit the number attempts you can make on your maximum cleared GR. Very simple. Make it 20 or so. That’ll get rid of the fishing.

For what should be a lot of smart people at Blizzard (degrees in computer sciences etc) they’re not very smart imho.

all they needed to do was to keep MI in the build, but nerf the 6 piece damage a bit. I mean, they cited that they don’t like pets doing all the damage, but m6 sentry is EXACTLY that. The hypocrisy at Blizzard is really really BAD imho.

well, he’s in the 0.000000000001% of players for paragon then…absolutely worthless metric for the average player. Even 5k paragon is imho.

wow, that is low for a FB wizard. I did a 126 with zero augments at p1230 and wizard isn’t even my main…

the game does most certainly lag, and lag like hell…

I feel you. That’s why I went with the MI shields variant that Raxx cooked up. Much more fun, and much kinder on the hands/wrists and arms and shoulders.

Thanks for all the advice concerning FB, I’m going to try a number of those. Maybe I can get a bit more milage out of it.
I should mention that I’m probably not a very good “player”. My reaction-time is shot to hell because of medication, so I’ll never get as high as some other players. Still, it’s clear that I should get more out of FB. I’ll get right on it!

Probably not supposed to do it like this, but yeah…

So I substituted the Yellows for reds in my armor, and took on Aughilds., and I cleared 124…

That got me thinking, and I ditched Aughild, took back he mantle and Ranslor’s Folly… And that got me a 126… Turns out I was protecting myself to much and I could loose quite a bit of toughness for more damage…

So I tweaked some more, and ditched Unity for CoE… And cleared 129 (barely)… Still, that increased my personal best by 5 GR’s, and improved my FB by 10 GR’s…

I should have asked/looked for online advice sooner… Thanks, guys!

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