Wizard Builds on Console vs Pc

Don’t know if I’m just missing something but when I look at the top wizard builds on maxroll.gg, Icyveins, etc. I always see the Mirror Images Firebird and LoD Twister wizard as the top builds. But when I look at the wizards at the top of the leaderboards when I’m playing on console (Xbox One Series X), the armor and skills they are using I cannot for the life of me find guides too. They all seem to be using the same kind of build but I have no freeking idea why they are using it. If anyone can explain to me why there is a difference between these builds and the acclaimed top Mirror Image build online that would be super.

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My consoles almost always offline, so cant see top of console leaderboards at the moment… is there a paricular build you’re seeing there? or is it a variety of builds? If it’s something consistent, can you describe it?

Firebird has some variants, including Mirror Image which have been pretty uber since the set was revamped… it’s power will be reduced in season 25. I seem to recall seeing MI used in some instances with FB on console leaderboards… but the thing with FB is you dont have to use it… it’s pretty potent with a range of fire based skills and that was evident on the console leaderboards.

I’d imagine it’s much the same on PC. Various options to build around FB. Maxroll, etc are just what someones taken the time to document.

Console Wizard builds are different to PC because of the ability to cast two skils at the same time (PC cannot) and the interaction of Tornados not despawning and slowing the game engine down giving more dps.

All Console Wizards use this to their advantage.


Firebirds being nerfed soon so I would not bother wasting time on it, pretty sure its dropping to at least C tier.

I wouldn’t be so sure. FB twister lost a lot of DPS and none of its defense. It is still going to be a build that can stand in 5 molten explosions in GR150 and not even lose Squirt stacks. LoD can’t match that. DMO can’t match that. The busted twister mechanic basically allowed 325% Deathwish buff balloon into 3250% buff, so cutting it in half might not do enough on console. Solo 150’s might be down to pedestrian 6 minute mark…ooo lawd, how will we survive!?


Sadly, a lot of unskilled players will continue to use it and the exploit of game lag to increase damage ficticiouly. Coupled with soul shards, they will probably be .75% what they are now, depending on how heavy a nerf in the final patch notes to soul shards.

I dont plan on using it FB. Reverse archon will have edge especially with soul shards in the mix.

As for 4 man speed metas, inna, akkhan bomb, and rathma are looking really good. And of course rats. I imagine running GR130+ in 1-2 mins will be really nice. I saw people on ptr run 130 in 1:13 at 2300p, fully auged. If FB is the go to, this going to be a very short season.

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Augmenting gear is going to be much easier given a rank 3 Soul Shard gives you 125 augs/675 mainstat.

The fact the Embers drop more frequently that Rammy gifts suggest augmenting secondary gear, bounty gear, speed rifts and GR speed gear all becomes far easier and less tedious.

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Yes, augmenting will be much easier. I think a lot of people will go meta out of the gate. Sadly, a lot of players will continue using the broken Firebird build. Even with nerf it will still be quite strong. Unless Soul shards are severely nerfed Firebird will be top once again. The lag/framerate loss it causes on older systems makes no competition since people are using unintended mechanics to get ‘better times’ on the leaderboards. It is the same on the solo board when people use supports to lag the game while sitting in the cow level.

I will probably be starting either Monk, Necro or Sader. Not sure if I want to go Akkhan Bomb, Inna or Rathma for speeds. Maybe AoV for RGK, but will wait for final notes since an RGK may not even be needed with the Ring of fire affix on Soul Shard (I’m sure it will be patched since I cannot imagine that it was intended). Either way, I am not touching Firebird. No thank you. I played Firebird two seasons ago and seen how op and easy it is to play requiring zero skill. I think Reverse Archon will be quite strong and actually refreshing compared to Firebird, although it is still taking advantage of an unintended mechanic.

I couldn’t imagine making the gaming experience horrible (lag) just to get position on a leaderboard. Forgetting the reason why one plays a game I suppose when breaking the experience just to try and come out on top.

Yeah. People do it. At least on xbox there isn’t have save file cheaters like on switch and playstation. Most people whom I play with, play for the competition. Competition helps drive more people to play imo. Without that, they get bored, but when this came into the mix for people to get the most lag without crashing the game, it became… more of RNG than anything else. Most fishing is RNG, but also completing the rift became RNG because the lag could also make the game crash. I can’t imagine playing hours like this with the game creeping 1 second in game = 15 seconds in game. I honestly wish they fixed the channeling and casting of twisters altogether.


The reality that fishing works to win (and therefore is necessary to compete as someone’s always going to do it) breaks the game experience IMO too.

I get that people accept it though, with it being the way the game’s designed around Area Damage being the last way to progress DPS in higher GRs.

I think the game would be more playable if they reworked that so that all maps were viable, not just the open ones. Maybe some of the less effective map types could bring other benefits, like better pylon chance and/or elite chance and/or density chance or something like that. Perhaps reducing the effect of or even eliminating the Area Damage affix and getting back to just skills based area damage like other games. Mindful that everyone getting to level cap gets a bit boring too, with nowhere to go after that.

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Inna Shenlong Monk with Shards looks pretty insane…even Inna Crimsons Monk looks good.


Yup. I am looking forward to probably using that as speed meta this season in 4 man. I will run Raekor barb for my group. We are waiting for final notes to see how effective soul shards will be.

  • Firebird’s Finery (2-piece bonus): Disintegrate Ignites enemies, causing them to take 1500% 3000% weapon damage per second until they die. When you die, a meteor falls from the sky and revives you. This effect has a 60-second cooldown.
  • Firebird’s Finery (6-piece bonus): You gain 2500% 5000% increased damage while Ignite is applied to a target. Hitting an Ignited enemy with a non-channeling fire spell deals Ignite damage multiplied by Combustion stacks. Pets cannot trigger this effect

…well…I thought devs will do something dumb, but this…this left me speechless. Same potato meta for us next season.


Rip next season.

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Firebird change was for PC, us Console plebs do not matter.


Wudijo did a GR150 with 12k mainstat and zero Paragon with Inna Monk…on PTR.

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Good to see that power creep is getting priority.

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That’s awesome…for solo monks, but that just means FB Twister is going to smash 150 with 6k mainstat and zero paragon…in half the time.