Witch Doctor (Bangle lacumba decoration)

lacumba decoration not decrease damage from mobs. I don’t feel any changes.

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Lacumba bracers work as intended.
If you don’t need them, change your bracers, or up the difficulty and you’ll understand why they are created.

Stop talking nonsense and do something useful, Troll!

Ok. So stay here and wait an answer from the devs.

Always from the the PTR, w/o any items


  • w/o Lacumba: 17006
  • with Lacumba in cube: 24502

It’s more than 30% (5x6…) with stacks from Soul Harvest, who augment Int too, and I’m not a Diablo’s scientist.

Seems to work.

ps : I stop to troll you and I’ll go to play


That bonus is work, my bad, sorry. Can close the theme.

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