Win 0 points, Lose -50 points in Battlegrounds

Hello Tech Support,

For ALL of my Battleground matches today, all of my wins granted me 0 points and all of my loses I suffered -50 points.

I would understand if it’s due to matchmaking and one or a few games these are the results but for ALL of my games today it’s absolutely the same results…… win 0, lose 50 points.

Something feels way off today. Please advise and you can also take a look at my match history today if it helps. Started at approx. 4725 rating and dropped to 4425 rating…

Extremely frustrating and will most likely stop playing if I can’t gain any progress on Battlegrounds wins that I’ve worked hard and put in time for and watching my BG rating tank for no reason……. Not to mention the money I’ve spent on this game as well.

Thank you,

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