Will you pay a monthly fee?

If we will need to pay a monthly fee to play Diablo on PC Game Pass, will you stick with it. How will this effect players that have already paid for our Diablo games.?

PC Game Pass

“Subscription continues automatically at $9.99/mo. unless cancelled through your Microsoft Account.”

“Requires Windows 10/11 (version 22H1 or higher) and the Xbox app to play PC games.”

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If all Blizzard games are available via gamepass including WoW I may consider it. Considering gamepass is the same price as the WoW sub, I could low key get back into it on my own terms as well as have all other Blizzard games/expansions for free, with the added bonus of the rest of the MS games catalog. It’s pretty much a no brainer.

Gamepass is like amazon prime video. You get tons of games for the sub price as long as you continue paying. However, if you want to buy a game outright, you can and will still have access to it once you stop paying for gamepass.


I have already bought the games. I’m not paying additional fees to keep playing them. They screw us over like that they can kiss my butt goodbye.

I don’t do subs. I’m assuming game pass is something akin to a video subscription but for games. I suppose it would depend on the price, but then I don’t play a LOT of different games. I play a select few and pretty much stick to them. So those sorts of things don’t help me much as it would be a waste of money for me.

I would rather pay for the game I want to play and have it to play, not pay for a lot of games that I will most likely never play.

Just a point of view.


I assume all of the forums will be history.

I’ll play D3 offline on console, non-season, until I get bored (in like a week.)

If the only way to play D4 is with a GamePass, then I won’t play. Primarily because this also seems to imply no physical media - I want my games to have a disc.

I do not play often enough to make it worthwhile.

I don’t think that’s how that works. The game pass lets you play any of the games in the library even if you didn’t buy them individually as long as you’re subbed, but you can still own individual games and continue playing them even if you unsub. You also usually get a discount to purchase games while you’re subbed.

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I’ve paid lots of money over the years to play Warcraft, the last 2 expansion costs and the sub money in between were totally wasted.

If I’m honest about it, Warcraft with it’s full blown teams of MMO dev’s and departments cannot deliver on a $15 a month sub, so no chance in hell, pun intended, that the Diablo team will deliver a game worthy of a monthly subscription.

If Diablo 4 becomes a monthly sub then I’ll go ahead and call it DOA, simply because:

  1. It’ll never be ready.

  2. You don’t get a subscriptions worth of content out of Blizzard anymore.

  3. Bobby is busy playing dodgeball and still dealing with lawsuit fallout, and it’s not over yet.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong though.


No. I have no interest in paying a sub every month for X amount of games when I’m interested in playing one.


Interesting question. The issue is who the audience is. If there was a subscription fee that covered all the games, that may mean that some WOW players may decide to switch over to D3 or D4 when they are taking a break.

You may loose some diehard D3/D4 players, but possibly pick up those looking for a good bundle deal. So I liked WOW, but the fee for the 1 game seems like a bad deal. If they bundle it, I might consider that.

If the only way to play any of the Diablo games were paying subscription, then no I wouldn’t play any of them. Now if subscription pay was an alternate option, and I could still one-time purchase the Diablo games, then I’ll still play them.


Arent basically all games on GamePass also for sale individually?
That might change in the future for sure, but likely not in time for Diablo 4.

As someone who has wondered why Blizzard didnt make a BlizzardPass… well, they got one “soon” :face_with_monocle:
If WoW became a part of GamePass though, despite me not actually playing WoW currently, I’d probably get GamePass.
Well, as soon as Microsoft manage to make a version of their Xbox app that will actually run on my computer anyway. So probably not anytime soon. That thing is one of the most broken pieces of software I have ever tried.
They really, really should move all their games to Battlenet instead :smiley:

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I’ll have to wave good bye. I have no desire to pay M$ a sub. Doesn’t Win 10 already have a Xbox app pre-installed?

The chance of me paying monthly fees is somewhere between 0 and -1…

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So damn, didn’t realize Blizz just got bought out by Microsoft.

Wow, that’s crazy town right there.

Bobby will be booted now for sure. (okay maybe not I see…that’s a shame…NO wait, he’s leaving when the deal closes…hell yes!)

Long day Avalon, my bad dude,

Only when TH will be included.

That’s not how gamepass works. Gamepass is kinda like a netflix for games, you pay monthly and get access to a selection of games while you have the service active. But you can always buy the game itself and gain permanent access to it. Most if not all of the games on Gamepass are also on Steam or other services. In fact, it’s recommended that you buy the games you really like even if you have gamepass, since games are often taken out of gamepass.

As an example, I played Forza Horizon 5 a little on gamepass to see if I would enjoy it (being a fan of the series and of racing games), and after a month I decided to buy the game itself. Same with Flight Simulator and Age of Empires IV. After that I unsubbed from gamepass but I might get back to it if more games that interest me get added.


I agree with you and would likely leave Blizz’s titles if I had to pay a sub just to play a game that I have already bought and is on my account.

I can understand though paying a fee to play other games that I have not bought or are not free to play. As long as that pass isn’t too high in price. But there are no a lot of games that I know of that are part of MS pass that I would be interested in playing so as long as that pass is optional then I would be fine and still remain. But if it isn’t optional or have to pay for x amount of months then I will leave them without regret.

Its pay per hour for sure. First Bethesda and now Blizzard. The rest of the game industry heavy hitters follow the money.

Why would you assume that?

Sounds like that might not be the case, but its hard to know anything right now.

For example, because I have Amazon Prime, I have access to the gaming side. Occasionally they offer free game titles you can “claim” for no cost at all. I periodically do check the titles and might grab one occasionally.

But then Prime has so much more going on than just one aspect. Movies, basic music, games, shipping and some other perks. That one I pay yearly.

As with Microsoft, I already pay for Office every year. That has a few perks, would be nice if they did like Amazon and bundle a bit more with it though. All you get is the full office, which you can share, cloud storage, and a few other things. But something like Adobe cloud for example charges WAY too much for their stuff in my opinion. Another service I refuse to subscribe to.

There is reasonable pricing and rip off pricing. Obviously in my opinion, but hey that matters.

Subs for me with gaming is just not something I’m keen on, never have been.

“one thing we have been looking at is whether we move community conversations off forums for those titles and more onto other platforms such as Reddit or Discord (an example).”