Will we see an Act 6... or new items?

I cannot say how desperate I am for a new act and or new items!!! :D:D:D


No new content confirmed. But as with any game, if there is interest maybe? For one I would like to see Diablo Clone become something that any player can access. Perhaps they could add Baal and Mephisto Clones.


No new content but honestly, it has been 20 years so most of the content will feel “new” to me again so I do not mind.
I can’t wait to get mad XP for the 3 ancient barbs part lol


I thought there was notice of an old design for the next expansion after LoD, but it was never made?


I am going to fully and thoroughly enjoy this complete remaster. :ear: :crossed_swords:


Correct. There is none currently planned. If there was enough interest (good sales and solid maintained player engagement over a long enough time), they might?


Then I can dream :smiley: I am not sure of the current D2 players on ladder. But I’m curious to see if its possible. I know that they had planned out Act 6 but it was never developed as most the team left before it was worked on.

I can dream indeed!!

Not happening. I swear people don’t watch and listen…

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If you see the time stamp… you will notice that this post was created before the QA videos were released :wink: You quick to judge so and so :stuck_out_tongue:

So ye, nobody asked about in the future in the videos.

I could have told you this before the video because it is a remaster.

Well the question didn’t say on launch :wink:

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ONLY if blizzard decides to create a new expansion or patch for the original diablo 2. Otherwise i dont think it would make sense.
D2 and D2R are not in the same situation classic wow was where there was a retail version already in existance.
The D2/D2R is retail/up to date version. Adding content in an expansion is not going against a timeline and therefore doesnt go against a #nochanges philosophy.


It’s tricky because once they do this all that time people spent perfecting BiS everything is out the window.

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People act as if everything is set in stone and won’t or can’t change. Just D2:R alone is enough to show that isn’t the case.

That said, I’d be welcome to an expansion and it is easy to manage, if you don’t want it, don’t get it.

You can have several ladders going, one for Lod, one for whatever new project and I know some would love one for classic.

I personally don’t think it is a problem, they could even take the story out of immortal and turn it into new D2 acts so the full story can be played on PC.


Man alive!! I can already feel the excitment :smiley:
It also occured to me that as it will be open up to modding, we may well see a new act/items through the mods, I imagine?

i can imagine we will see an expansion, it makes sense. but earliest in 2023 i think, or even later

Act 6 is not good idea as it would break game balance. They could add new maps and zones accesible by portals.

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If people are willing to pay for it, Blizzard will absolutely sell it.

There is no unwritten rule for remasters.

They can make D2R+ games separate from the regular games easy enough.


Then give the people what they want :P!!! I guess the game will just need players, if there are players, then they will do it.

So many people seem to be against this idea, but this is a 2 decade old game, there should be no reason not to have several supported ladders, with varying content. Who cares if the player base is split a bit, Classic was always very small and thrived.