Will this game work for the lg stylo 6

I pre registered about a year ago and I go back to the store and now it tells me my phone is no longer compatible with Diablo immortal when it was when I pre registered.i have the lg stylo 6 and phone hasn’t even been on the market yet a year and it not compatible like what is up with this plz help

With the game still being in alpha, our support and knowledge is very limited. These forums are specifically for MacOS systems and Diablo III. Technical Support only assists with the released and fully tested versions, so any PTRs, Betas, Alphas, are not something we typically assist with or may have full knowledge about.

At this moment, the LG Stylo 6 should be perfectly fine. However, these system requirements are subject to change as we move through the testing and beta phases.

With the game still under testing phases, it doesn’t have direct communication or forums just yet. There is a reddit which is managed by our community members however, if you have any additional questions or input.