Will there be controller support?

Recently got the game on PC for season 31. Intstalled only to find out there is no controller support. I would have though for a game to have been out for this long this would have been a no issue.


Why would there be controller support? Console already has its own port. I seriously doubt they’d bother adding something like that after this long.

I did attempt to put together a profile for JoyToKey for my DS4, but only as a goof. I actually got pretty close to console functionality out of it. A more modern program might do a better job.

It has been asked numerous times over the years, hasn’t happened. With further D3 development now ended, it won’t come.

D3 controls on PC were designed for PC, controllers were never originally considered. Implementing controller support afterwards is far bigger hurdle than people think.


Maybe steam controller configuration stuff? Adding d3 to the steam launcher as a non-steam app and configuring it through there might work. Sad it isn’t there though. Both D2R and D4 play great on a pad.

Vicarius Vision could probably implement it easily like the did in D2R. If they wanted to.

have your fingers cross that they do.

I do want to point out, in case anyone tries it, that although I was able to duplicate most of the functionality of console controls through JoyToKey, I have stopped doing that because I can’t guarantee Blizzard wouldn’t think it was some kind of attempt to cheat.

If you choose to use a third-party keyboard/mouse emulation program, you are agreeing to that risk.

This is the very first season that i do not play. It’s because I’m tired of bringing my Switch around now that I have Steam Deck. And I screwed my mouse arm playing D3 years ago.