Will Diablo 4 have offline play?

If not I ain’t buying it.

For reference I live in the sticks and have to rely on satellite internet and Diablo 3 has been nothing but hell for me.


As it was confirmed over 3 years ago already, nope.

Blizzard will shed exactly 0 tears for losing you as a customer.


And that’s fine, this is not an emotional thing, it is an Internet requirement thing. I have satellite internet. Maybe one day if I ever get Starlink but right now I have Hughes and it is not playable for an action game like Diablo.


I am not going to just sell my house and move.

No one cares, least of all Blizzard, what you do.

Good to know that Blizzard doesn’t care about their paying customers.


Angela: “So we are not going to support an Offline Mode.” - Blizzcon 2019, Q&A. Systems and Features.

  • Internet connection, Battle.net® Account, and Battle.net® desktop app required to play.

It is not Blizzards fault that you do not have good internet. This is not sarcasm just the truth.


But you’re not a paying customer.

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They do actually care about paying customers, just not in a sense you’d think. For them exceptional cases like you are acceptable losses since they will get far more brand new customers to replace you.

Thank you Avalon. I appreciate you.

I have bought licenses to every blizzard game and like 15 years of wow time, so yes I am a paying customer

Furthermore I buy mounts and collectors editions of every Blizzard game and every wow expansion I get the CE version with real money, I am as they call a whale.

I wonder how many people will give them over $20k over the years to replace me.


Have you seen D($), you have already been replaced by the other whales.

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With annual revenue in the billions, I’m sure they are tossing and turning in their beds at night over your 20k

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Unfortunately for those who either have poor connections and/or don’t like to play online, Diablo 4 won’t have offline mode for any platforms (both pc and console), and is only available online. I’m afraid this is unlikely to change in the future.

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And that’s fine, I will simply find other games. I got my money’s worth from Blizz. They just seem to be heading in a direction I can no longer support.

And this devil may care attitude will translate into lost revenue in the future. You can’t just keep making poor decisions and continue to stay in business. But I digress, I am sure they won’t miss me at all. I am not being sarcastic. It is just this attitude of always online that rubs me the wrong way. The amount of lag most people experience in the united states is annoying. So enjoy your online lagfest and buggy games. They no longer seem to care about the quality of the experience so I no longer care about Blizzard games.

And I accept that if Blizz is willing to accept the wrong kind of customers in the future. Ones who will likely demand WAY more than I ever will.

Again, you seem to be under the illusion that anyone here or at Blizzard cares about what you do. As far as I’m concerned, I’m glad you aren’t going to play this game, as that makes one less player that will clog the servers on release day.

I feel for you. That was my situation until fiber unexpectedly became available for me 2 years ago - on a dirt road in a rural area with hayfields, cows, horses and mountains around me. I suffered through D3 and lag. Viasat was much better than Hughes - I have had both. You may want to try the open beta because the pace of the game is slower than D3. Still being under NDA, I won’t get into details but my impression is that the pace is slower.

Do you think that there as people have said “others to replace me”, there won’t be lag? hahahahahahaha

I have never been one to get overly emotional and make quit posts, but the lag even in WoW sometimes makes me just log out. As theDarkness said, its not a good experience. I regularly see 500-800ms of lag but sometimes the latency is as high as 2000ms. Like today its closer to 5000ms because it is overcast. Online games are unplayable. Should the Internet ever go out entirely like it does for me regularly what are you going to play?

I am sure Microsoft doesn’t care. No Mac support for D4 is kind of a massive oversight. The direction video games are headed is why they crashed in the 1980s. Companies being out of touch with the reality for some. I don’t have to work, I am well off. But I won’t piss money away living in a city or town because taxes are way higher. I didn’t get to where I am at in life by being stupid with my money. Will this affect their bottom line? Not right away. But catering to this crowd of people with no money to spend seems like an oversight. Time will tell.

Don’t worry about all those corporate shills. They’re miserable; that’s why they attempt to put you down. Best of luck

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You knew the answer to this 10 years ago. Your loss.

Lol, miserable. I’m havingna blast playing games not worrying about pointless stuff like this.