Will D4 have mmo stuff?

I like to give you a note. that insight golem can be adjusted into diablo 3 with certain items. as a clone like affect of iron golem in diablo 2 without sacrifice.

this game will only live on if cosmos are generated into other worldly events. powers of transgression might apply to hitting new tops and worlds

curse of the azure bonds was the first real sequal of pools of radiance

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i hope if you loved pools of radiance. you some how get a hold of curse of the azure bonds (second game). if you get ahold of the editors. you will see the hidden archives of what that game was adjusted for deep potential expansions. you can find old games on good old games site

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I like all threads to make sense and revise them. I do not come to topics all the time. I get back on old things and come in to read old messages. It is cool enough that these posts still exist at all to me.

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I think it is possible to have CD successfully, but you always run into one major issue when there are CD in an ARPG.

That problem is: CD REDUCTION… This is the most boring stat ever devised!

When there is an ability that increases/deals a lot of damage, it always becomes meta relevant, and people will always try to work it into their build, even if the build doesn’t really call for it.

It is just a no brainer when picking skills, to pick skills like this… I don’t think abilities like these should vanish, but instead be toned down on their damage maybe, and that could lead to it having a smaller CD.

But all in all, I think this topic that I just talked about has a lot to be said about it…
I for one, personally do not like abilities like Wrath of the Berserker and the like…

No surprise considering that cooldown in itself is just as boring imo.

Well of all the threads to get necro’d, I suppose it makes sense that it’s one from the guy obsessed with necromancy.

You can not really tell the difference other then blizzard reviewing posts and verify how often I visit. Necroing is new terminology to me. But Guess work and ideas on applying such methods might be better to hear my later advice then not at all. I will try to think of alternative ideas and suggestions.

Not every ARPG has CD reduction, first off.

The irony there is that 2 of the CDs in question - Epiphany and Akarat’s Champion - are chosen for their DEFENSIVE potential rather than offensive.

And another, Archon, really isn’t included in all that many Wizard builds.

I agree. If the moderation is reading this, please. Close this thread

Is my second favorite type of magic on high fantasy games. Sadly is RARELY implemented in a good way… Jay Wilson for eg, decided to put the AWFUL Witch Doctor thinking that the appeal of necromancy is just pets and poison… Skeletons are much cooler than zombies. And the poison skills are very lackluster. Wanna interesting poison spells? See M&M VI Dark Magic spells, see Cloudkill and similar spells on D&D… When I asked for good games with good necromancy on rpg codex, EVERYONE mentioned Diablo 2 as an example.

People also mentioned far more strategy games and strategy/rpg hybrid like M&B + Phantasy Calradia

By what you typed here, he was right. You didn’t say the appeal was anything ELSE…

And skeletons are still pets.

NEver said that aren’t on most cases, however, some games with AWFUL necromancy, has it as non pets, eg - ESO where skeletons are direct damage and D3 where skeleton mages are DoTs…

I an not asking for the same depth of geneforge, an game literally only about minionmancy, but I really wish that D4 will have the same depth for necromancers of D2.

If blizzard wants to get the secrets of the ‘social system’ of diablo 2. they will need more direct link to higher players as mercenaries or guides and keep an open ended trade system… I already spotted the idea of auction house being a rather one time only thing. I loved the fact the ill gotten (old) loot system allowed me to support records for gram growth. I still keep the items around as a tweeked merit that allowed other players to suggest (complained) changes in game and make it better, that makes me a proud owner of some of those old items (that improved the game). However, services and hiring players as maybe guides. or Guild/Clan can give an alternative view for a change different from AH and transit a type of change into services. Players can offer optional end loot with services with a trade system. I would like to at least transpire a little to such an event. I think the cross over should allow at least clans to cross over to diablo 4 from diablo 3

i hope not, MP is not proved to be fun yet, except from a few clans maybe.


Got to try a new thing or two I think. blizzard is cool about adjusting new elements into game were others lacked it. even at times missed a few things. I think there is potential in trying a new elements on player based rewards. sense diablo 2 has more free based trading. there is potential blizzard can issue reward system with players that were previously account bound items in a ‘player quest’ reward system.