Will classic have increased stash at least?

no shared, but size maybe?

The larger stash appeared in the LoD expansion to accommodate new larger but game-changing items such as Charms so it was deemed warranted at the time. Stash size has always been an important part of the game mechanics which meant players had to make difficult choices. Blizzard has been concerned about staying as close to the original Diablo 2 as possible but obviously decided that perhaps an increased stash size on classic, which many players wanted to see, could impact those players who want the game to stay exactly as it was.

Posters above me has it all right.

They made a mistake with this though, they need to add some or all of the LoD QoL to Classic.

Auto gold pick up I assume will be in D2 Classic, but they won’t do shared stash? Bad (or lazy) dev logic.


TBH this decision makes me wonder if classic will even be an option for D2R bnet play. As in, the checkbox might not even be there when creating a character on D2R bnet.

Having a small stash, only one account and no way to safely mule items will make it simply infeasible to play classic due to item storage.

They’ve already confirmed Classic is playable, which is why this is such a cluster.
Bad, bad decision.

Seriously, Blizzard, read these replies. Think about it for god’s sake. Terrible. Get it together, Blizzard.

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