Will Battlenet be replaced?

I am concerned that MS would ruin the Battle.net app. Of all the Gaming App stores, I find Battle.net to be the nicest looking, most functional, and intuitive of the bunch.

My experience with Microsoft apps is mixed to say the least.

The best outcome for us would be for them to just leave things as they are. However, they might take Battle.net and use it to compete with Steam and Epic.

Battle.net will evolve into Metaverse. It will be something way bigger than an App. It will be the place of your online identity.

Big changes are coming to gaming folks.

Doubtfull, AB is relatively small compared to MS.

No, nothing in regards to D4 release will be different due to any kind of “Metaverse”. :rofl:
D4 is not that far away.

No they don’t, retro games are seeing an extreme renaissance, but even if it did have to change, this technobabble isn’t it.

If there is one area MS is not particularly focused with their games afaik, it is mobile.

Please be a troll. Any other explanations are just too weird :smiley:

Even when we get that VR (and we surely will) any talk about it revolutionizing gaming would be nonsense. VR will be a platform/control sheme, just like consoles, phones etc. Devs will pick the platform/control scheme that fits the game they want to make.
A fitness game? yeah, VR it is. A RTS? Probably not VR.

And what a revolution that was! :thinking:

That would be the best possible outcome.

Actually it’s the opposite - the Metaverse is not that far away. D4 has to be delayed for polishing and preparing to be included as part of the Metaverse.

It’s not a troll. The Metaverse is coming and it will be the next human revolution.

If your timescale is the heat death of the universe I guess you are right. In a sense.
But even on a Blizzard timescale, not so much.

Blizzard are no more. Get used to it. It’s 2022.

BattleNet is by far the most anti-consumer content distribution network in existence because it enforces “always online” DRM by default across all titles, even those that are purely single player.

Few things are stupider and more infuriating than being locked out of the games I purchase because of temporary server or connection issues.

The “always online” BS is the main reason I’ve stopped buying Activision Blizzard games over the years.

Either replace it with something more consumer friendly or ditch it in favor of something like Steam that at least lets me enjoy the games in my collection in Steam offline mode if I really need it instead of locking me out.

You’re perhaps underselling my intention with the idea. If it hits the point where all 5 senses can register within the medium, it will be huge. And while the genre of the game may not have as much impact, it still can. The ability to essentially transport oneself to digital worlds would be the very thing books claim to do via the reader’s imagination.

Otherwise, I’ll stick to my original point on lip service. Cloud gaming has been yeeted at us as some big thing, when if you don’t have strong internet you’re boned, nevermind it being yet another level of yanking product ownership from the consumer. Netcode for fighting games so people at greater distances can play? Sure, it makes those particular games better, but it’s not really changing how they play. Outside of Nintendo being gimmicky, how we control games hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years, either. Right now, AI isn’t really good at generating cohesive content and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

And much as I may agree with Skelos to a point that gaming needs to centralize in its online offerings to prevent bad actors from continuing to interact across venues, there’s always been a vehement anti-surveillance reaction to the notion that either triggers the trolls who know they’ll get hit or slippery slopes into some 1984 faulty parallelism. Like, much as we may revile the situation that’s gone at Blizzard here, I’d argue community culture has both inspired and perpetuated it, as well. After all, it’s rare for one to get into making games if they don’t like playing games, themselves. So, yeah, if one has been a toxic homophobe, sexist, racist, or whatever, a week long timeout from all of their games would hopefully teach them a lesson, with the duration increasing to an eventual ban if they don’t. Cheating would be even more aggressive. But right now, it’s just buy a new game key or link a new email and you’re pretty much free to antagonize all over again.

Last time I looked Blizza4d is still a thing, and will continue due to be a thing under the ownership of MS. My god you are a fool.

Not true. You can play D2R offline.

I have two questions:

Can I have a cigarette?


Was it good for you, Blizzard?

Stop trolling…
Gregory XIII isn’t around anymore but you can still use a calendar.

Anyway, Blizzard still exists, and likely will continue to, so on top of all that you also happen to be wrong.

What does Gregory XIII have to do with draining my vegetables?

Yes, this is just a pun based on calendar and colander looking vaguely similar.

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Kind of, only for 30 days.

Just a once a month check in. Does not require always online at any time.

In a rare historical mix up, he actually invented a 12mo use colander.

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I am never wrong. That’s in my nature. Go figure.

That stuff tastes horrible!

Oh sorry you said colandar i thought you were talking about herbs.

The world is still too balkanized. Not to mention a lot of people won’t even buy a cell phone.