Why not also give D3 the same update treatment as D2R?

Updating the graphics for D2 was such a big hit, why not also do the same for Diablo 3’s outdated look? It certainly deserves it seeing as it was even more popular then D2. I cant see a downside to doing this. Also redo the character models, im sick of looking at the barbarian and especially perma Zerker.

I’d rather they did not if it means the same awesome occurs with it as with the current release.

However, throwing in 2 models for each class, male and female, would be OK… if they can add new pets, they can certainly add new character models though this is much more “intensive” to their allocated resources so… not happening.


Updating the graphics wont do much, when the game beneath it is rotten.
That is the difference to D2R.


20 years old rotten.

  • nothing worth farming other than +# to all skills
  • Act 1 and 3 are still a total drab to play through
  • no decent mod support
  • terrible gameplay navigation with being able to aim only in 8 angles, making it a pain and a bore to play

That’s just 4 off my head without even thinking. I can have 50 more by thinking for 5 minutes.


If they start today, Diablo 3 Remastered will be out summer 2033.


Exactly this. Diablo 2 is a great game that i would even today play despite it´s outdated graphics (now an non-factor due to the remaster), while Diablo 3 has so many issues that the graphics really is the least among them.


I rather they make another character DLC than doing another cash-grab remaster.

If they want to re-release D3R, they better add a new contents and balance update if they want me to buy it.

The gameplay is pretty outdated too. I guess for some people here thinking that standing in front of the enemies, spam 1 skill and potions non-stop = skill. :point_down:


I am with you on the DLC, Kilometer.

The problem with D3, in my opinion, is the sheer lack of playable content.

I would like to see additional side quests (make them double bounty mats for completion, thereby killing two birds with one stone).

Count up how many doors there are in each act. Plenty of places to add more maps.


Why not instead of re-mastering, just keep releasing retail expansions that update the core game engine.


Those are the same people who complain D3 is too hard because they can no longer spam 50 potions before a boss fight or camp 2 screens behind their 30+ summons and let them do all the killing.


Blizzard planned on releasing DLC expansions for D3 but decided against it to work on D4 instead.

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and then patting their own shoulder and tell themselves that they are skillful and hardcore gamers for beating the “hardest” game ever in mankind.

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I would not buy a D3 remaster.

No sense in blowing cash on a “prettier” version of something that I already have and works well for my enjoyment. Not only that but I have no desire to pay for the opportunity to “reaccomplish” work that I have already completed.

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Have you seen those ridiculous mods on Nexus? I get a total kick out of laughing at them and calling them noobs “D2R Ezy Mode”…

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Wow, you two are just full of hate. You just bash other gamers like it’s tuesday for you, even though those players you’re bashing do you no harm and are just trying to play games.

Kind of disgusted in this toxic behavior on these forums, and right after i come back from a short vacation over seas to see what’s new in D3…

We dont need this toxicity on the diablo forums.


I mean, D2R gameplay being rotten is a bit of an exaggeration. Just antiquated. Does look pretty though.

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The lunar cycle is approximately 28 days, which is roughly how long since you last posted.
Did you holiday on the moon?

Felt like it. Ever been to White Sands?

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Indeed. Impersonate someone in the forum is indeed disgusting and toxic behavior. Good thing the forum moderators took a swift action on the offender last time.


never did that. was never punished for that either.

i could post about bologna sandwiches and you 4 will follow me in that thread and call me a troll. i get it, you’re obsessed with trying to get me cancelled.