Why I won't play S24 - Etherals VS 4th cube slot

Inna is fun during 5 days max. After, Inna is utterly boring.
Etherals convey less gameplay / builds possibility than a 4th slot.
Etherals are just transmogs (some models already exist in-game).

If would reconsider if they allowed to equip 2 Etherals, or better, created an Etheral Set.
That would bring new builds, thus new gameplay.

But I won’t play a new season with zero new gameplay.
(Sounds logical, right ?)

I’m with you on that, and since we can’t keep the Etherals at the end of the season why play? I prefer to wait until September 23.

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I’m gonna give it a shot and probably get bored and quit same as current season.

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We didn’t keep the 4th cube slot either, that’s not his point. He’s saying 4th cube slot was superior to Ethereals which for some classes he has a point.

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You never keep any of the season buffs…

Ethereals need tweaking a bit to buff more underpowered builds, but for some classes they’re almost as good as a 4th cube slot in terms of pushing (not utility though.) But let’s be honest, 4th slot was the epitome of season buffs and probably always will be.

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Why does everyone not understand Ethereals are homage to Diablo 2 where they could not be repaired and thus you would lose them eventually?

The fact they are Season only and we lose them at the end of Season is exactly the point of them…in that they do not last forever.


Yes, this is the main point :slight_smile:

Yes, it was extraordinary in terms of possibilities.

There are lots of good options out there.
People in the forums make good proposals.
New sets, new items, new builds, new gameplay.
Blizzard has just to listen and implement those free ideas.

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Indeed, going to hold out hope they do some improvements with them before live instead of just seeing end results and going ‘see, add 100+% damage, good item, jobs done!’

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