Why doesnt anyone play UE Bolas?

It does 1T damage, it spreads like multishot. It sucks in mobs like monk Cyclone.

It’s so good what’s the deal? is everyone just preoccupied with strafe?

Well, i do have 0 experience with UE as i made my first DH this season. But my guess would be : multipliers.

You can get a 200% MS multiplier with Yangs but just a 150 % Multiplier with the Quiver. As both of those are seperate Multipliers, MS should end up with more dmg

That’s what i dont understand, Bolas multipliers are far better and so is it’s utility.

Leonine gives 150%, Emimei’s duffle gives 175%, but also Bola’s is a primary so it benifits from Hunters Wrath 200% and Depth Diggers 100%. Also Simplicity Gem.

Mhh true. Like i said, i have 0 experience with UE. First i was like…wait a moment is the 6 piece bonus even applied? But it clearly states “generators” which bolas are.

Ok so the biggest Multiplier of MS itself is 500 % wpndmg * 200% = 100 k %

Now lets take Bolas:

216 * 150 * 175 * 200 = 1.134 b % And this is woutout HW, DD, SS…

Ok…you made it, im also scrathing my head now xD. I prob forgot some important ms multipliers as ive never played it.

However im utterly confused anyhow. Theres the marauderset and the UE set. Which one is better for MS?

I mean with Marauderset i sort of could see the prob: the sentries wont shoot bolas…but other than that. mhh

You can run Bolas with UE and it’s somewhat okay but there are some caveats:

  • Bolas have a much smaller area than Multishot so you will likely get fewer area damage procs. Freezing Strike is triple target (each of those bolas can only hit 1 target). The pull-in effect is useful though.
  • The total damage multipliers from Bolas vs Multishot is bigger but Multishot has other perks. Leonine is 2.5x, Duffel is 2.75x, Hunter’s Wrath is 3x, Depth Diggers is 2x for a total of 41.25x with a 1.3x speed multiplier (not including UE set bonus). On the other hand, Yang’s with Dead Man’s is only 9.0x but is doubled for enemies under 60% HP and has a 1.5x speed multiplier as well as being a tougher build with Captain Crimson. Multishot has a higher base damage and the rockets are really strong with Ballistics though.
  • The strongest Bola build will still be GoD6 with Bolas but it pales in comparison to Hungering Arrow. It should be GR100+ capable with UE though.
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Wouldnt M6 be stronger then?

GoD: 2*100 = 200
M6 : 360 with 3 active sentries.

Basemultipliers Bola: Leonine 2,5, Duffel 2,75, HW 3, DD 2 , Simplicity 2 = 82,5
When Ms is only 9…then bolas really should be stronger.

But then again…ive only played GoD so far and have no f-ing clue what i am talking about atm xD

You fire a LOT more primaries with GoD 4 set bonus than with manually firing with UE or Marauder.

Also, it’s worth noting if you want to play around with the build for UE or Marauder, you could try using Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac and cubing Buriza with a non-Freezing Strike rune (e.g. Imminent Doom).

it’s strong too, but it’s toughness relies on companions and a belt. You can get 5 traps so the bonus is 60,000%, but laying them down takes a lot of time since the charges cap at 3. And you lose them any time you port. In the end it’s very close to UE but with a lot of inconveniences.

Have you tried UE Hungering Arrow/Entangling Shot?

I just tinkered around with it a bit before the season and found it to be at least 5 GR’s higher than UE/MS. It’s also quite fun to run.

yes, it hits like Jose Canseco, but it has trouble with aoe. The bolas suck in everything and the damage starts stacking on the density produced. I was wondering how UE Hungering Arrow would do as a RGK at 150 gr’s.

I havent tried Entagling.

UE impending doom on a dense pack with good AD just decimates.

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Hungering Arrow itself isn’t a good single-target skill. You really need the density to scale the pierces up with area damage. Shadow Impale is still the best RGK option for DH by a large margin.

UE Hungering Arrow single target:

  • 1.55x base damage (Hungering Arrow is 155%)
  • 1.6x UE 4-set bonus
  • 302x UE 6-set bonus (with optimal 86 discipline)
  • 7x Ninth Cirri Satchel multiplier
  • 12x DA pierce multiplier (assume 5 hits = 1 + 1.7 + 2.4 + 3.1 + 3.8 = 12x)
  • 3.9x Hunter’s Wrath (incl. 30% speed bonus)
  • 2x Depth Diggers
  • 2x Simplicity’s Strength
    Total = 981,437.18x

Shadow Impale single target:

  • 7.50x base damage (Impale is 750%)
  • 61x Shadow 2-set bonus
  • 101x Shadow 6-set bonus (it adds 75000% to 750% = 75750%)
  • 4.75x Karlei’s Point multiplier
  • 6x Holy Point Shot multiplier (2x damage x3 daggers)
    Total = 1,316,913.75x

On paper, it seems like UE Hungering Arrow might be competitive (not counting the extra legendary gem which would likely be a Gogok instead of Simplicity’s). Both builds would use Trapped + Stricken as the other 2 gems for RGK so I omitted those in the comparison. Similarly, both builds could potentially use Aughild’s in the same slots.

The real problem is getting the optimal 5x hit every Hungering Arrow as it is not always possible. Even out in the open, with no obstructions, it ranges from 2-5 randomly! Realistically, if you get an RG with adds that spread out (e.g. Bone Warlock, Crusader King, or :saxophone:tris), you should expect the multiplier to be 0.1-0.3x what was predicted!

What makes Hungering Arrow so strong is the cubic scaling of Devouring Arrow with area damage with the number of targets clumped up. When you can get 50+ pierces in a packed clump of 20x targets, you can get incredible kill speed. When it’s just the boss by itself, well not so much!

The conclusion is that UE Hungering Arrow is weaker than Shadow Impale as an RGK for every boss except possibly Hamelin.

I played around with UE/Hungering on the S21 PTR by slightly amending my old UE/Grenades gear. Certainly seemed stronger than Grenades, especially in high mob density, but I didn’t really push too hard with it.

Youre definitely confused… First off people play GoD set from what I saw last and its because it spits out generators faster …

but they do use Bolas to farm T16, they use Hungering Arrow for push … Youre not counting the double attack or the 50% AS bonus

you would never use Bane of Trapped over Simplicity for a Generator build… It hasnt been additive for a long time and it has a higher % + heals I dont think either would be dropped though … Gogok will not stack stricken at a faster enough rate to ever make up for the % of BoTT pretty sure…

maybe take the time to read the whole thread next time :slight_smile:


Please read the context of my post.

I was comparing UE hungering arrow vs Shadow Impale as a RGK and nothing else. Simplicity’s Strength does nothing for Shadow Impale so that’s why Gogok is the better choice.

To clarify: UE generator RGK would use Stricken, Simplicity, and Trapped. Shadow Impale RGK would use Stricken, Trapped, and Gogok.

im so glad they gave impale that little extra buff before letting GoD out of the cage. It’s nice it is still relevant and not thrown away like many other sets.

Here is what you can expect:

200-300 Key Pushes @ 5K paragon

  • S6 Impale GR131-133
  • GoD6 Bolas GR127-130
  • UE6 MS GR126-129
  • GoD6 Grenades GR124-126

GoD6 is about 5-6GRs stronger than UE6.

I wouldn’t choose UE6/M6 generators, I put a bit of energy into M6 Hungering Arrow, it hits hard but attacks too slow as Darth pointed out.


If Marauders is one of the sets they ramp up in the balancing over the coming seasons, Bolas will shine with the sentries firing them.

can i get your
GoD6 Grenades GR124-126

i looked over your profile i can tell you do a lot of theorycrafting and thorough testing.