Why does blizzard say to give us feedback and then lock the post with the feedback?

Can we get an explanation?


Likely from all the negative comments about Bliz not giving feedback and insight. Also, once the Blue replied…He was being bombarded with all them negative comments. So likely a mix of them two things.

I didn’t notice it getting that negative. I just want to be able to discuss that the huge nerfs to DH and WD are sad for those of us that love those classes.


In all honesty…I created the thread to try to provoke a response. Which it received…Overall, I feel that’s all it needed. After the Blue replied, it was almost all negative and generally off-topic to the subject.

Before the blue reply:

  • There should definitely be some communication and back and forth about some of the ideas from the community etc. This isn’t the WoW development team, don’t leave us in the dust.
    (Mostly positive criticism)

  • Please hire an intern for your communications team. I think they will do a better job.
    (Negative and semi-toxic)

  • I would say remove Missile Damping from the game. Doing that means no nerf to the set.
    (Off topic)

  • I saw a couple / if not more, new devs here. It was nice they introduced themselves, but I was hoping for more activity/feedback as well
    (Positive criticism)

  • the feedback is simple, Blizzard does not care about D3 players.
    what they actually do now with D3 is teaching his begginer devs, that’s all. D3 now is practice ground for devs, nothing else. do you see what they are doing? in a patch create a build znd next patch they destroy it…
    (Negative criticism and toxic)

  • After John Yang and Wyatt Cheng left D3, we got zero communication from devs. Hell, we don’t even know who are the current devs. So don’t expect any feedback from them, like we had in the past.
    (Negative criticism)

  • That’s how it’s almost always been. Blizzard is probably the single worst online gaming company at communicating with their players. I’ve defended Blizzard a lot on various forums, but it’s absolutely bizarre how bad their communication really is.
    (Negative criticism and semi-toxic)

  • There’s virtually no communication from Blizzard on anything; it took a long time but the lack of posts on this PTR forum from testers is indicative of the playerbase finally cluing in that their testing and feedback is largely ignored.
    (Negative criticism and toxic)

  • D3 Buffs and Nerfs are Flavour of the Season rotations, so that they can create drama and interest in this old product.
    (Negative criticism, semi-toxic?)

  • Bringing all the builds in line will never happen, the game will be left to die, as DI and DiV launch.
    (Negative criticism)

  • My suggestion is for you to decide what style and goal you like to do ingame now and ignore the rest of the noise.
    (Off topic, sorta)

  • They won’t give feedback because Diablo 3 is in maintenance mode and has been moved to their vintage games collection.
    (Negative criticism)

  • There are limited devs working on it due to the fact they only make money off of banned players re-buying the game.
    (negative criticism)

  • We have to be happy they have any support for a 9 year old game at all, and the lack of theme content and really the follower rework is long overdue 2 set reworks that the wizard will be nerfed and the necro will go live as is God set has been nerfed right where they want it and WD Spirit barrage got another kick in the teeth just like the crusaders heaven’s fury, seems like it will mostly go live as is Wizard Fire birds will be nerfed into the ground just like akkhan invoker bomb build last ptr
    (Mixed criticism)

  • I know what you mean but i don’t like how this is used as a one way explanation by some. Clearly the game is in some kind of maintenance but if so, how is it every season one class gets stronger and stronger and all the other classes weaker? How is it maintenance when necro got 2 completely new / reworked sets, 5-6 S-tier builds and massive item reworks like amulet, bracers, shoulders, gloves and new mechanics completely rewriting the class from the start for some builds in the course of the last 2 seasons (S21 & S22) ? And wd got basically zombie bears? That’s it… That’s literally the only thing wd got after the release of mundu and 2 consecutive nerfs. With an item that uses the same skin and icon as an already existing old mojo. They didn’t even bother designing it. The skin thing is trivial i admit but just mentioning it. Isn’t this laughable? Who can guarantee here that when they release D4, after the first dlc they won’t pull some similar tricks, working on the only class that earns them a few extra bucks?
    (Negative criticism)

  • What are the chances of actual feedback on this patch? I mean if you are going to nerf GOD that hard then maybe mention you might scale it back up once you get the data? If that’s not your intention then why destroy one of the most popular builds?
    They have so much explaining to do but crickets…
    (Negative criticism)

  • We have to remember that they are people too. Patch came out on Thursday, and they normally don’t work during the weekends unless something game breaking happens. This would mean if they had any plans to say something, it wouldn’t happen until the next business day.
    (Positive feedback)

  • This isn’t to say that they will actually say something. For whatever reason, they’re quiet around these boards and a little more active on places like reddit and twitter. They also have to filter through feedback from other social media outlets too. While this is the official forums, we occupy a small space in the overall scheme of things.
    (Positive criticism)

  • Going based on past PTR’s, we’ll see another round of patch notes sometime this week. We’ve done our parts here by providing loads of feedback. All we can do is wait and hope for the best.
    (Positive feedback)

  • looking back at the past PTR’s for seasons we have gotten plenty of feedback from the community managers, they even peeked in streams from time to time.
    (Positive feedback)

  • Sadly the people are not here anymore, and its new folks that just dont have the same tendency to speak up. I would love to see them be in some streams or actually reply to some of the posts regarding changes and such. I hope things can channge but i highly doubt it
    (Mixed criticism)

  • Hey Mersinary, I’m posting on this topic to let you and others in here know that we’re reading feedback on these forums and other channels where our community is active. At this time, we have no comments to make. However, please keep sharing your experiences and constructive feedback on all things relevant to the PTR; this assists us in understanding your point-of-view greatly.
    (Blue Reply)

  • This response isn’t going to go down well with DH and WD players, I’m sure.
    (Negative criticism)

  • I’m really, really trying not to sound bitter or snarky here so I hope that comes through via text, but it’d be really illuminating for us as the players if Blizz would do us the same honour. Like Meteorblade said, there are a lot of confused, frustrated DH and WD fans in the forum right now who would really love some further clarification beyond what was posted in the patch notes about why our builds are being nerfed because right now, the general feeling I’m getting is that people don’t understand Blizzard’s point of view on these matters at all (particularly so for DHs, for whom the nerf the GoD build received seems especially harsh).
    (Positive/Mixed criticism)

  • Thank you for giving us a heads up that you are reading the forums. But it is very true I’m doing tons of testing on PTR especially with the GoD DH build. And the interaction with the pierces just to fix missle dampening is breaking the whole entire set to the ground. Even at 5300 Paragon and max out gear have to fish for GR130 let alone a Paragon 14,000 barley cleared 140. Videos have been posted to even show what has happened to the set. Please keep us updated.
    (Positive feedback and off-topic)

  • I really would like to know what the hell were they thinking when they completely butchered the best builds for both classes which were nowhere near overperforming.
    (Negative feedback)

  • I’m a WD player and I strongly agree with ^
    (Reply to negative feedback)

  • I just wanted to add that I’m a long time Witch Doctor player and I was testing on PTR. I found it very sad to me that such a fun idea of solo buffs were not enough to make me want to play. Witch doctor and Demon Hunter classes are being nerfed far too much for no good reason. They are not overpowered and in particular the Witch Doctor Class has no place in the game anymore.
    (Mixed feedback, non-toxic, off-topic)

  • I suspect that Blizzard is looking both at the GR clear data and player’s comments on the PTR. I bet there will be changes. It is the PTR not set in stone.
    (Positive feedback)

  • The solution (I hope) is that the class set bonus is greatly increased so that overall GoD is strong but not OP. Ideally, the GoD set is a primary skill set but currently “everyone” use the devouring arrow rune of HA. By “breaking HA”, the class set bonus can go up, reducing the RNG related to missile dampening, and make other primary skills more comparable.
    (Positive feedback, off-topic)

  • I hope you are right. There’s so much that WD needs changes for but I’m just not sure blizzard will have time to address them.
    (Negative feedback, off-topic)

  • No offense, but I’ve seen this lines before however I have almost never have seen that our point of view actually has an impact.
    (Negative criticism)

  • I’ve not played for several years now soly due to the fact that everytime you guys mess around with the class I almost exclusively play, Wizard, you go around in, and I can’t put this any nicer, the most idiotic way to fix things. And I’m pretty sure there are, or should I say were, lots of people around feeling the same about their beloved class.
    (Negative criticism, semi-toxic?)


P.S…Yea, I put way too much time into this than I should have.

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Theres plenty of active threads going on atm to discuss your sorrows. =)

Ever since the patch notes were released, DH and WD players wanted an explanation of why Blizzard were nerfing their one and only valid push builds so hard. When GoD DH was tested on the PTR players were reporting it as a 10-15 GR loss in power, and they wanted to know why.

And in a thread where players were desperate for Blizzard to communicate with them, to explain their rationale for having done this, of course they’re going to get negative criticism when the blue response was to say they weren’t going to give a response.

Locking the thread was just the icing on the cake of the non-communication.


It’s no surprise that there’s some negative comments but nothing is offensive. Feedback is naturally going to be “negative” when both the WD and DH classes have been nerfed too much for no good reason.


That thread devolved with many of the replies off-topic or non-constructive.

Krom, please be advised that this thread breaches the rules of this forum. In the future refrain from posting about moderated threads.

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