Why did the chicken cross the road?

to get to the other side.

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Can you stop spreading nonsense like this?


that quote was before the shareholders meeting I thought.

You have just changed Diablo Immortal and shoed in Diablo II Resurrected. It’s Diablo Immortal that has been put back, not D2R, but you knew that anyway and just decided to spread misinformation.


I mean if you were not a moron you could see it was not me, it was a magazine…gameinformer…and no its says Diablo 2, not diablo immortal. Jeesus go take a pill or something.


Page 7. "The highly anticipated Diablo® II: ResurrectedTM will launch on PC and console on September 23. "


yeah thats awesome. Thanks for the info. Not sure why gameinformer said that…

If it isn’t from the horses mouth, then there is always a possibility of error and doubt.

Here, I will correct your misinformation…

“Diablo Immortal’ Pushed Back to 2022, New ‘Call of Duty’ Mobile Game in the Works”

Also, I checked your article, and oh look “comments disabled for this video”, what a shock! You know that gaming “journalists” these days only write tosh in a desperate bid for clicks, right? They don’t actually give you useful information anymore.

Maybe confirm information before posting topic with title and content like this?

Also 2000 posts :slight_smile:


oh man so sorry to offend you guys lol. Jeesus. I mean you would think gameinformer wouldnt get something that big mis typed lol. Not a big deal its video games guys

Fine, you’ve gotten the blowback. Now please update your original post to correct the misinformation AND update the thread title as well.

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Hey it’s nothing personal, but most of us here know it isn’t going to be delayed, and we had a troll here some days ago spamming misinformation too, but again, it’s nothing personal. You are happy to know all is okay with D2R now, right?

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It’s fine, just change the topic title so it’s D:I and not D2:R.
Have a good evening.

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oh heck yeah. Thats kind of a big mess up for gamefinformer.

Yea that’s cool bro, just keep in mind that gaming “journalists” just write tosh like that for outrage clicks, they know full well what they are doing and it is why I noticed that comments are disabled for that article, because they know in the comments they would get corrected by people and then the whole shame game-journo thing would collapse.


GameMisInformer is more like it. :grimacing:

Here’s the GameInformer article with the misinformation:

Bottom of the article:
“Specifics of the call also included news that Diablo II has been pushed back with a new projected release window set for the first half of 2022.”

Feel free to email the journalist that wrote it.

Update: They have since updated the article. “Diablo II” was changed to “Diablo Immortal”.