Why aren't D:I players running dungeons?

Gear strength scales with Paragon level, so you’d think people would be continuously farming the set dungeons for the week, but it feels hard to get a full party. Furthermore, full dungeon parties have a chance to drop normal gems, which fully upgraded give massive stat bonuses (but it takes a while). Given both of those power increases, you’d think people would jump at the opportunity to farm a stronger item + upgrades, but no one is.

I will say there’s alot of multiplayer concepts that don’t work: like the chests that take 4 people to open. Literally had 3 other people walk past me at the same time once and not even give it a second thought.

Hidden Lairs: i can’t even tell what they look like.

Warbands: you expect me to make my life orbit 7 other people by constantly forcing me to play with them?

I’m havimg fun just doing pve for now, but may quit soon. Not sure how realistic those combat power breakpoints are for transitioning between difficultly levels if you’re not a whale. We’ll see if i get the extra 350 cp i need before hell1 stops giving anything useful.

they tried to form a party but their credit cards keep getting declined


In seriousness though, it’s probably the best power increases as an ftp player.

if players are able to solo everything itll not destroy the need for the ingame shop but itll give them the chance to enjoy the entire game without requiring any payment of premium services

Blizzard purposely gimped single player content in an attempt to force paid options on the players yet they still insist it is purely an option

Because they aren’t marked on the map and no one can be bothered racing around the stupid zones to find them.


If you’re talking dungeons, you literally open your codex and select “navigate”. In fact your codex tells you which ones have high set drop rates. If people are playing D:I without their codices i’m worried…

I’m talking about hidden dungeons…

And anything above normal forces you to group up. That’s why people generally avoid them.


Hidden dungeons are really annoying to do since you don’t know where one is unless you accidentally stumble upon it. They’re also the only places to farm normal gems. Would it be too to add a map marker when one opens?

They’re not the only source of normal gems: anything can drop gems when you’re in a party of 4. I figured, because the dungeons have queues that easily group you people would at least do dungeons. Especially because in hell 1+ they drop set items.

I have to query which difficulty you’re trying to get a party on, and how.
Are you just typing in chat stuff like “LFM for Temple of Namari” and hoping people respond? Are you doing to the dungeon entrance, clicking on the entrance, and choosing the option to look for other players? If so, those are ineffective methods.

To the right of your portrait frame there’s a small down-ward pointing arrow that takes you to the Party Finder. In there, you choose a difficulty level, and the activity you want a party for. For example, you could specify “Hell II” and “Temple of Namari”. You then have a choice of ticking “Automatically accept applications” (where people will be automatically put into your party) or not (where you get applications, and you choose who to invite into the party). Once you’ve chosen the difficulty, activity and auto / choosing, it creates an advert in your faction’s chat (i.e. Shadow or Immortals chat) and your clan chat. People can click on that advert and immediately join the party (if you selected auto) or it creates a notification to you that someone wants to join.

For dungeons, this is usually pretty fast.
For hidden lairs, the groups often fill up quicker than I can click on the advert.

it doesnot matter, p2w playerswill destroy you anyway in pvp, abd there is no pve end-game e.g. nobody push challenge rifts in party.

people leaving the game in droves, not many left to party with :stuck_out_tongue:


Such a shame, really!

You don’t have to pay a thing… just understand that past hell 2, if you don’t, those that do will start to seriously outpace you in every way. Aside from that, you can still slow roll your way up without spending a dime.

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I understand as much, but power is still power and I play PVE. Though the game is starting to feel ridiculous. I was already uncomfortable with the amount of reward being handed to warband play which is something I won’t do, can’t do, and the 2nd boss, which I probably won’t hit for a year at this point gives ridiculously more scoria for warband raids. Like no. I play it mobile, which means I pick it up and drop irregularly, hell most of my PC gaming is this way. The game just doesn’t feel designed for someone with a life who weaves the game in as they have time.

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Need at least 2 for dungeon farming sets… Bad idea.

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I used to think it was fine, but seeing how few players want to actually queue, it’s garbage.

They used to sit in the library botting away lol

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I run dungeons around 530am. On Hell2, don’t have too long long for a group.

Why would you continuously farm something with a hidden cap on drops? After you farm your 6 legendary drops of the day, the drop rates go down considerably and farming dungeons stops being time effective.

Just like every other form of grind which is also capped in some way of another to kill their efficiency.

As a free to play player, the only thing you can do to progress your character is to log in, do your daily caps, and log out. You can try your luck playing more than that, but your results are statistically going to be neglegible.

And as a whale, your best bet is to focus entirely on elder rifts for the gem casino in order to increase your resonance (after you’re also done with the daily caps).

Hence why you’re not gonna find a lot of people farming that stuff.

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