Whisper of Atonement incorrect augment

I went to do my first augmentation at Kanai’s cube…

One level 71 Whisper of Atonement.
Three Flawless Royal Emeralds.
One Cam’s Rebuttal (weapon).

I used the emeralds for the Crit augment, which is what they change for weapons, but it added dexterity which is the “other”. My character is a Crusader - dex is pointless.

EDIT: I didn’t realize you could augment over it, so there’s no need to get my items back. Still kinda buggy though.

This is NOT a bug.

When Emeralds are INSERTED in a Weapon Socket it adds Critical Hit Damage.

When augmenting with the Kanai’s Cube Recipe, Caldesann’s Despair, it adds Mainstat (Attribute).

Amethyst = Vitality
Emerald = Dexterity
Ruby = Strength
Topaz = Intelligence

So, for your Crusader, you want to use Flawless Royal Rubies for ALL your augments.

The only exception is if you need Life Points, you might want to augment an item or two with Amethysts.

Source: Kanai’s Cube, Caldesann’s Despair

Enchants an Ancient or Primal Ancient Legendary or Set item with additional attribute points.