Whispe of Atonement and Hardcore

I have not put it to the test, but it occurs to me that Whisper of Atonement in hardcore is going to be a little hard to come by. Hopefully there will be some alternative.

Yes, it will be tricky. Not impossible, though. I’ve done it in HC before, but you need a good tanky build and basically run to a corner when you’ve reach high enough level so you don’t close the session by dying but by becoming overrun.

It’s a huge risk, though. I wouldn’t chance it until I was fully equipped with replacement gear, at the very least.

Best of luck to you and all the brave HC folk.

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If you have a comparable character in SC you can test out possible builds for survivability. Worst case level up a sacrificial character with extra copies of gear so that you’re not losing anything good if it all goes south.

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I totally agree with the OP.

Getting Rank 125 Whispers in HC is pretty easy once you learn how to run ENs. It will be even easier in the upcoming season because of the Altar. Two abilities – CC Immunity and Passability – plus the potion for pylon will make it a breeze.

The two big “tricks” were leaving the pylons alone until you reach rank 100 (when the green meteors start dropping). Of course now you have the potions so that’s less of an issue… the pylons just give you a few guaranteed effects. And once you reach rank 125 (or 126, sometimes it rounds down a level) stop killing things and let the overwhelm mechanic stop the EN. If you’re comfortable running GR130 then push as far as you want but the rewards really aren’t worth the risk IMO.

Since you won’t need the Rank 125 Whisper until you’re pushing GR110 solo the EN shouldn’t pose a problem.


People don’t play hardcore because it’s easy.
Also, EN’s are totally doable you just gotta time your overwhelm for tier 126, unless you’re just mad as a hatter.

It doesn’t round down, it gives you a gem equivalent to the last completed wave, so you have to be on wave 126 in order to get a 125

I kind of suspected that was the case but I swear sometimes I get 125’s on wave 125 and sometimes I get 124’s. Maybe it’s actually clicked over to wave 126 before I notice it though. With potions in the PTR I was regularly able to push 140+. Especially when I got a shield effect from a potion. Whee! Shields in EN are a thing again!

It’s easy, even in HC. Gear towards damage reduction since you are relying on pylons to kill everything past level 100. Follow Rax’s guides on maxroll, take power around 85-90 and conduit 95-100 and then pay attention to the green meteors. Dh is pretty godly for these, UE and marauders are top shelf here. And then stop shooting and run around the outside at 126 until you are overwhelmed.

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