Whirlwind/Rend: Skull Grasp, Ground Stomp/Band of Might and Looting Danger

Skull Grasp:
It’s nice to finally have some real damage with the new Whirlwind/Rend build option, and I’m very glad that I don’t have to stop and apply rends anymore. Wrath of the Wastes is starting to feel like a more thought out set now, but the Skull Grasp ring has been left in the dust. Perhaps a redesign to make it relevant in some fashion related to the build.

Ground Stomp/Band of Might:
Now that we’re reliant on the Ground Stomp/Band of Might combo for adding defense to the Whirlwind/Rend build, I have to stop to stomp, and the stomp animation is anything but quick. So I’m right back to; I hate having to stop! Is there a possibility this skill could be redesigned slightly, speed up animation? It often hangs on lag. The faster I move (speed pylon), the more noticeable it becomes. I very often experience the same thing when I click on a “next level” portal in rifts. The click isn’t registered. With Ground Stomp, I often see half the animation and then nothing happens. The skill is not refreshed.

Stopping to Loot/Losing Defense:
Stopping to loot while playing hardcore can be very dangerous. It would be nice if the Taeguk and Mantle of Channeling effects persisted for at least 6-8 seconds after dropping out of Whirlwind. It’s safer now with Ground Stomp/Band of Might, but we still lose a lot of defense very fast. I use The Traveler’s Pledge and The Compass Rose for added defense, but even that drops off pretty quick. All added up, a lot of defense bleeds away as soon as I stop.

Unkillable Monsters:
I’ve mentioned the issue with unkillable mobs in the bug report forum, but, scenario: Playing hardcore, killed Rift Guardian, dropping out of Whirlwind to loot, unkillable mobs still lurking, my defense wearing thin… dangerous.

Unfortunately rends just gets way more love dmg bonus wise compared to WW.

2 set = 500%, 4 set = triple dmg, 6 set = 10,000% ambos pride shrinking it all into 1 second and Lamentstion belt almost giving another triple dmg.

Compared to WW gaining 10,000% and skull grasp.


Yeah, that’s kinda what got me started on this, contemplating the pointlessness of Skull Grasp. It’s still useful as a starting point for new seasonal characters, perhaps, but it’s not a goal to go for anymore. It might as well not even be in the game, but it’s not the only item like that. Still, would be cool if they could make it work for the set somehow, alongside or replacing Zodiac, Band of Might or Convention of Elements as the superior choice for a ring slot for WWR build.

Would the 2 piece not be 1700%? 6x damage per second extended to 15 seconds from 5 is 18x total damage per rend or 1700%. This is then condensed down to 1 second with ambros

I just tried using stone gauntlets instead of crimson, anyone tried this yet? I didn’t push, just ran a quick 90 which was a crappy GR but at still did it fast.
I don’t know the mathematics and mechanics well enough to say on paper.
My set up was:
6 pc wastes
Lam belt
BK weps
Hellfire amulet (crappy one)
Stone gauntlets
Flavor of time

Not sure if stone gauntlets stacked up is more toughness than average % of DR from crimsons. I dropped IP skill as well on it and placed threatening shout in.

Stone Gauntlets tend to be close to 60% DR I believe, at 5 stacks.

If you’re worried about defense. Your best bet is to scratch RoRG/Crimson and work BoM into your setup. Or in your case, drop the Hellfire.

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I shall try that then too. Thanks.

The Zodiac WW guide has been fully updated. Y’all should find what you need there: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)