Whirlwind power not triggering monster resist to stun

Whirlwind power not triggering monster resist to stun n stuff alike

Think that is intended, the power would be useless if it triggered the resist and making them immune.


Seriously? Do you know how CC resistance even works?
It still would be just fine when fixed… Im not going to answer comments anymore.
Bug is a bug. And we’re not sure even IF it is a bug, but it looks like one that players want to keep because its ridiculously overpowered bug.
Cry me a river babe

Literally the only thing that makes the power relevant to begin with. If they apply diminishing returns to the whirlwind power I’m not playing this season at all. :joy:

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Nice reply, you mad? Let us know how it works?

Wow I drink coffee stronger than your feelings. It is working as intended and it’s not OP since it’s not breaking any barb build. Do You see any 150s on barb leaderboard ? No ? Alrighty then.

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Yes. Do you know how patch notes work?

Class-Specific Sanctified Powers


  • Whirlwind pulls in and holds all enemies within 25 yards.

If this didn’t ignore CC resistance, please explain how it would hold enemies.


well we know it isn’t intended to pull and hold things like trees and jugs, i wonder if the flag to stop them from being pulled is connected to certain cc resists, so there may be a bug here, or intended i could see it both ways