Whirlwind 2x1H vs 1x2H Weapon


I have a question about WW mechanics.

What are the differences between whirling with 2 one-handed weapons and a two-handed weapon?

For example, are onhit effects triggered twice as often?

I bet this stickied thread answers them…

This season is a special case, because for pushing we’ll generally be taking an Ethereal Grandfather (two-hander) and using BK weapons for farming but for any other season, it’s always dual-wielding, with the choice being between Bul-Kathos set, Istvan’s Paired Blades set, or Ambo’s and an offhand (such as Doombringer).

wow thats so much information.

So what are the adventages of dual-wieling vs single?

Each one-hander could have…

  • 10% CDR (easier to maintain 100% up-time of WOTB)
  • 24% AD (manually cast Rends benefit from this)
  • 130% CHD from socketed Emeral

So, whilst a two-hander has higher base damage, you lose out on a lot of other stats.



thats clear. But how is the DMG Calculation diffcrence between one-hander and two-hander.
with 2 one hander, first the DMG of the Main ahdn and then the DMG of the Offhand in a cycle? And so the effect of Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac gets cast more often ?

That’s covered in the guide.

Ok yes i read about the DMG calculation now, but i cant find answers to my Question with the Zodiac ring …

Dual weilding = higher attack speed = more obsidian procs

I feel like the 2h’s should have 1 extra stat roll to have a chance at competing.

is there some kind of calculation or just 2 times higher?

Istvan’s Paired Blades have a base of 1.40 attacks per second.
Bul-Kathos mighty weapons have a base of 1.30 attacks per second.
The Furnace (as an example 2H) has a base of 1.00 attacks per second.

You’ve also got the 1.15x dualwield bonus, as well as 1.3x for istvans and 1.45 for bul kathos.