Which FoT is better

I’ve already got FOT1 Augmented. FoT 2 is obviously a DPS upgrade for my WW Barb with the phys multiplier and the extra weapon damage, but not sure if it’s enough to warrant another augment. Both are ancient.

Basically trading 64% Crit Damage + Vitality vs 17% Phys + 99-183 Dmg + 1% Crit

Which would you guys choose?

FOT 1:
899 Vitality
64% Crit Damage
9% Crit
8% CDR
Socket (rerolled)
Poison Res

FOT 2:
99-183 Damage
17% Physical Damage
10% Crit (rerolled)
8% CDR
Health Globes

I would choose the second one because it a damage buff and it is a good idea to augment it.

But I would advise to check it out for yourself using the D3 planner tool that I will link below.

When you are at the D3 planner site just click on the import/save button. Then enter in your battletag info. Then check rends damage. Then click on the amulet. Then click unlock because you will want to make changes to the amulet. Make the changes you need then check rend’s damage again. If it goes up by a lot as it seems to do when I checked it then you know that you will have the best item.

Although I do have to ask why don’t you have Mantle of Channeling in the cube it increases damage by 25% and gives you a damage reduction of 25%. Now if you have it and it just doesn’t show it then sorry about that. Must be a bug in the system.

Plus I wouldn’t use focus and restraint. Without a fury generator to use every five seconds you really won’t get much out of focus and restraint. I would switch to Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac and Convention of Elements. You will get a big damage boost on the phys cycle.

Further if you are pushing your build to beat your highest clear then I would suggest switching Bane of the Powerful to Bane of the Stricken if the fights are getting longer and it is taking an extremely long time to kill the Rift Guardian.

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The Fury generator is Ground Stomp / Wrenching Smash, which he’ll be using anyway in order to proc the mitigation effect of Band of Might.

That’ll be because he has Ambo’s Pride, Band of Might and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac in there.

Check the stickied guide’s Part 2 - “Optimising Armour for Season 20”

The OP has dropped CoE (200% in physical cycle) in order to have Focus+Restraint (225% whilst maintained), and still has BoM and ORotZ.

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Thanks - I ran it through D3 planner (awesome tool - we used to use d3rawr back in the day lol) and it showed the second FOT yielding approx 13% damage increase in Rend.

Meteor has done a great job of answering your other comments and his responses are spot on.

The only thing I’ll add (that’s not reflected in Free’s fantastic guide) is that for season 20 players, FnR absolutely destroys Mantle. I know he suggests only to use it at high paragon levels, but I started using it at paragon 800 and quite honestly the difference in dps is earth shattering. Not even close.

If you look at the seasonal leaderboards you’ll see that virtually every WW barb from 1 to 1000 (so high and low paragon) are rocking FnR.

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I guess some things have to be learned by playing the build. But I did go by what I do know according to the guide as best as I know it. Which is better than nothing. Have fun playing the build.

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All good - appreciate you taking the time to respond.