Where's Season 18 at?

You can create a Seasonal class but that’s it no journey!

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We’re looking into this. Moving this thread to PTR Bug Report, as is appropriate. :wink:

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I noticed this too. I deleted all my copied Characters from 3 PTRs ago to start with a fresh Level 1 Seasonal Character. Since the Patch Notes mention some changes being available at the very beginning I thought this would be a good place to start.

When I brought up the Journey Window it was blank. I thought I was getting an issue that’s been reported and solved in the Technical Support Forum.

Glad to see it’s getting looked into. :+1:

Still not fixed, we need motivation to play on PTR!

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Day 5 of the week-long PTR and this is still broken and no update?

Just logged into PTR and Journey window now active, it seems.

But will it be fixed in time . From what I understand this is a very short PTR.

Just saw that. Yea! :beer:

And it updated to the current progression. That is, I didn’t have to repeat any Season Objectives. :+1: