Where is my Mercy Wing from Black Friday sale?


They are having nice BF sale
I bought the Nerco xpack, and OW Legendary edition upgrade(already own STD edition).
I have necro and necro wing in my D3 but I don’t see Mercy wing.
any idea?
Both transactions are “complete”


Did you create a game and enter the game? That is usually required for the cosmetics to register. It should be directly in your cosmetics menu, but if not check your mail.

You got it on the PC right, not Console? If you crossed platforms it gets more complicated.

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Hey -

It looks as though the Mercy wings come from the Origins Edition or Collector’s Edition of Overwatch. Also, if players were to link their accounts from Xbox One or PS4 to Battle.net.

I don’t believe they come bundled with the “Legendary Edition” SKU


I could buy it, but I’m at work so not able to test it in a timely manner.


While that was true when the game was released, that is no longer the case. The Origins Edition is no longer sold. It was replaced by the Game of the Year edition, which was replaced by the Legendary Edition. The Legendary Edition does show the Mercy Wings for D3 on the Shop page.


The OP should get the Mercy wings on their PC D3 account if the purchase went through.

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hrmm good call out. Maybe it would be best to put this in the bug section, so someone might be able to look into it further


We have not seen any bugs with this in the past. Normally it is sorting out which platform they got Overwatch on and getting them to create a game + check the cosmetics tab thoroughly. In rare cases, logging and and out of Bnet so it updates. Just procedural stuff vs an actual bug.

The only other issue we have seen is purchase failures, but the OP already checked that.

-Double check you got the Legendary edition of OW
-Verify what platform you got it on PC vs Console
-Make very sure you bought it on the same bnet as your D3 account, if PC
-Create a game and enter it - did you get an achievement notice and are the wings in your cosmetics tab?
-Check with Billing to be very sure the purchase cleared on the Blizzard end, not just your CC. https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/overwatch/914/916/solution

If all else fails, head to the Bug report forum like Matthew suggested and make a thread listing what you tried. QA can handle it from there although they don’t normally personally contact you. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/c/bug-report

PS - I don’t have OW but someone I know just bought the Legendary Edition so I am going to ask him if he is also missing any of the cross game rewards.


Thanks for quick response

when I go to shop, and OW section
it shows I already own both Legendary edition and STD edition(both PC, same as D3)
I logged in to OW and can see that I now have all the Origins skins, so my OW did get upgraded to Legendary edition but still no Mercy Wing in D3…

I will try bug report or contact customer service.

thank you


You did check the bottom left of your D3 screen in game for a letter, right? Wings will go there for collection and not directly to a character.


They used to! However that changed a few years ago and they now go directly into your cosmetics tab. When you enter an actual game you get an achievement notification and the wings show up in the tab.

I think OW was after that delivery change, but it is always worth checking the mail. Your mention of where the mail box is helps :slight_smile:

Also nice edit earlier :wink:


Shhhhh. You keep it a secret and I’ll try not to slay any more Mirasols or at least keep it to a minimum. :wink:


I got it now
…after I entered a game
Before It didn’t show on main menu, cosmetic section “hand mirror icon”
but after I entered the game, it showed up.

weird but it’s fixed!

thanks everyone!

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Grats! have fun slaying demons!


Yes, that is how the cosmetics work in D3. When you enter a game it gives the achievement and awards the cosmetic.

Glad you got it sorted!

EDIT- I see you replying Tias. Thank you for being willing to double check your copy in case it was a bug!


For anyone that reads this thread later on, any version of Overwatch other than the Standard edition will give the Mercy wings in Diablo 3 (OW OE, GOTY, LE). Any of those that are still floating around, even the old versions, will still give the Mercy wings in D3. Only the Standard edition won’t give the wings.

But since I got my copy for $15 at Target today (Legendary Edition, $5 less than Blizzard’s sale even!) I’ll go through the steps myself to see if there are any oddities. Mine should show up immediately since I have a physical box code to use, not a digital purchase via CC.


Good find. They are pretty, really pretty. I can’t justify spending money on a game I can’t even play for just wings though. Motion sick FTL. I really did try everything in the Alpha and Beta to get used to it and it just does not work. No FPS game ever has been playable for me. That is how I ended up with D2 and then totally addicted to it.


OK, I’ve gone through the setup and it works just fine. As noted by MissCheetah, you need to go into a game to get Diablo 3 to finalize the activation of the code on its end.

I decided to go an extra step though. I was in Windows when I got MissCheetah’s notification about this thread (I was taking a short break from playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night), but decided to make sure there aren’t any oddities on the Mac side, so I booted to OS X on my hackintosh and entered the code while in that OS, and then launched D3, again while remaining in OS X. Works perfectly.

So the only criteria that must be met once you have redeemed the code is to start a game in Diablo 3. Once you do that, the stuff is yours to keep and enjoy, regardless of what OS you play Diablo 3 on! :slight_smile:

I actually can’t play Overwatch either. The devs there still haven’t implemented full controller customization, so the forced setup they make you use with the analog sticks means I can’t play. Sad, considering Unreal Tournament (on Mac even!) had full customizability back in 1999. :frowning: