Where is everyone

I play on ps5 in USA Is there actually people playing online not just in private I haven’t seen anyone online in years so where are all you guys at it just looks like it’s a dead game. If I knew where you all at or know how to find you guys I’ll join a clan and be on more years ago when I was just on ps4 someone dropped all his gear and left the game with what he dropped I went from lvl 1 to like p200 by end of act one on hardest difficulty still I’m like where is everyone and when is a good time to be on with you guys

Anyone who’s still playing is playing Season 26 on T16. If you’re not there, you’re alone in an empty room.

…and for Bul-Kathos’ sake, please use shorter sentences.

usually most people are gonna be up in t16 in the first week or two (of the new season), as crazy as it sounds.

the current season in particular should have DH and Monk dominating t16 in no time, seeing as Haedrig’s reward is giving out Inna + Marauder as choices.

look up a guide to G-rift pushing, speed farm, whatever, it’ll get you to t16 in no time