Where are Tal Rasha damage buffs?!

Are you serius Blizzard??? This set is trash, there was so much feedback how to buff its damage and mobility and you did nothing!!! What was the point of reworking this set if it will be still trash?

Instead you nerfed magic missile, which wasn’t op in anyway (about 142 gr on ptr) and you left OP wave of light monk which did 150 gr easy! Where is the logic, do you look at leaderboards at all???


MM was sadly lagging a lot and had to be changed. It probably had nothing to do with it’s powerlevel. It’s just that Firebird since the nerf was a bit behind and other builds got stronger so now it’s way behind with the nerfed MM power.

Think the problem is that MM itself is very weak as signature spells get no modifiers(outside Mirrorball now) from items as Wiz. So as Firebird was the only build that worked with it, but Firebird is weak now as it’s base, so with 10 more missiles now it’s also weak compared to LoD Monks as you pointed out.

I have a feeling Tal didn’t get a buff this round, because they wanted to go back to the drawing board with it and decided it will take longer to fix it. You simply cant buff the 6pc to bring Meteor build to good level, because that will buff Tal FO to silly levels. So you have to do it by buffing Meteor modifiers. Also the build had weak defence and relyed on either Archon or Channeling with Deathwish to survive. Preferably both get killed as an option and that will need new items to be introduced and possible spell changes.

Ehm, no?

They can very well do that. Raising the general damage from 2000% isn’t the sole solution anyways. If they add a special effect solely for Meteor on the six piece they can pretty much do anything they want without even touching Arcane Orb, Twister and whatever else. They could even do it in a way that requires manual (Meteor) casts, that way Archon builds would be out by design. Need an Example?

Casting Meteor drops a Black Hole of the same element and Black Holes now pull enemies from twice as far. Whenever a Black Hole expires, a Meteor Shower of every rune hits the affected area and deals XXXX% increased damage.

If they really would want to do something, they could easily do so. Let’s hope we will see something for the next/final iteration.


Lexa is correct on this. They could easily change the Tal’s 6 piece to “Meteors deal an extra 20,000%” damage and just eliminate Tal’s FO as a thing. They could eliminate Meteor from DMO in the same way (I don’t remember if Meteor is included, I BELIEVE it is).

I like sets having an identity.

What are you talking about? Which drawing board? They had months to think about buffing Tal Rasha and meteors, if they decided to change this set this patch, why only change 2pc and add one meteor power on one item? Redesign is supposed to bring the set to be viable in endgame, otherwise what is the point in redesigning it?

Buffing 6pc Tals is mandatory, of course it is not enough, and as suggested many times, they should buff Smoldering Core to 100% per stack (preferably moving its power to one- handed weapon) and add new meteor item buffing its damage by about 400%. This way Tal meteor will be stronger than Tal frozen orb. FO will still be weak by today’s standards, even when 6pc Tal would be buffed 2-3 times.

Those are really easy solutions, there is no drawing board needed!


Actually you have to do both. And sure it might be strong because of the Angelic power but there’s nothing wrong with Frozen Orb being the strongest for a season. If you checked out the NS boards there’s nothing OP about any Tal Rasha or even DMO Frozen Orb clears currently now, none of them are near 150. Hell TR FO is barely 140’s with like near 10k paragon. That’s closer to UP than OP.

Y’all being afraid of set buff catch ups is gonna have us dead last this season, because that’s where were headed without them. Every class has multiple 150 clears on PTR now, meanwhile Wiz 141 highest with others in 130’s.

Are you purposefully misunderstanding what I wrote? I meant simply increasing the current modifier shouldn’t be what they should do. I(nor do they probably) don’t want Frozen Orb to be the best spell for the Tal Rasha set. And if they don’t make the increase specifically towards Meteor damage it will. And currently on top of that Deathwish is still the best way to play Tal Rasha Meteor. I don’t have any problem if Meteor Tal Rasha would clear a 150 at 2k paragon, they seem to make every buffed set OP anyways.

And damage isn’t the only problem, currently if you didn’t play Deathwish channeling or Archon, you didn’t really have enough defence to go higher than what the build could do on PTR. So we need more defence as well. And hopefully kill Archon and Deathwish builds at the same time.

No I’m not misunderstanding, we want the same things here. I’m just highlighting the fact that no one should have the ‘but this might be too strong’ perspective with anything wizard right now. Doesn’t matter, season, NS, everything to do with wizard right now is UP in comparison to other classes. We’re getting slaughtered on all fronts here, so I’m just saying if skills or sets might be unbalanced because of a buff, it’s better to just fix that later.

Tal Rasha as a set is still behind, and yes it does need a bit more defense and mobility as well but the primary thing is damage. Because we have a seasonal power revolving around Arcane Orb it’s only natural if Orb runs hot this season, is what I’m saying.

So buff TR 6 damage, buff meteor damage, buff sanctified orb power and you’re going to get Orb over-performing for this season and we should be okay with that because there isn’t a sanctified meteor power.
Honestly though if they had more time I’d say just scrap the Storm Armor power completely and give us a juiced Meteor power, then Meteor would be competitive this season too.

EasyFrank wants 32000% TR6 lol…idk, he pushes higher than I’ve ever have so what do I know but if we even got half that we’d be looking good for base damage with all 3 skills.

this set has so many points to fix. Immunity doesn’t work, 200% resistance is nothing comparing to 80% DR from other set, damage is low comparing to the work that has to put in 4 elements damage abilities, no mobility enhancement.

First and foremost this set needs to get a clear image in regard of what it should be used for… (in my opinion it’s the Meteor skill). Once that’s been dealt with it all comes down to mechanics. A good set should provide necessary damage, smooth mechanics that won’t piss you off with overcomplicated hurdles and, obviously, offer defensive power as well. Given how recent set reworks went, there should be mobility included in some ways - not saying I approve of that, it’s simply a fact. As they won’t rework Teleport itself we need other methods - baked into the set. Because someone decided to add more weapons, offhands and whatnot with multipliers which in return limits gearing options. Because DPS is pretty much everything in the end.

Now as for Tal Rasha, I would say that we have two main distinct features here:
Meteor (automatic)
multiple (four) elements

Looking at Nilfur boots, the old/new (2) piece buff, the Meteor % on Tals offhand and the comments in the PTR notes it should be obvious that it boils down to Tal Rasha being our Meteor set.

With that in mind, redesin the set in a way that makes Meteor viable, adds mobility, offers enough defense AND IS NOT GIMPED BY DESIGN.
So, that being said… Meteor getting two 2H staffs clearly isn’t helping at all unless we will be allowed to use a staff and a source. Not to mention the recent changes to DMO… that set getting Meteor added for real on top of more DR and greatly improved mobility? Nope, isn’t helpful either, especially if you leave Tal Rasha in the dust.
It’s even worse, Tal Rasha (2) is now fully working inside DMO which makes the Tal Rasha rework an utter fail if the set should be our Meteor set. Sorry to be this blunt, but it’s the painful truth.

My first step would be either scrapping Smoldering Core as a Meteor item and create a new 1H item for Meteor… or, as already mentioned, make it so that TR6 allows us to wear a 2H staff and an offhand. Then increase Meteor % on the Tal Source and maybe even add an additional Meteor % affix on all TR items except the chest piece.

The next move would be to bake in a mechanic that makes SoJ a really powerful ring when comined with Tal Rasha. Like “Each of your static elemental damage bonus now works on every damage type, regardless of the actual element”… let’s say you have 70% elemental damage (Amulet, Bracer, SoJ, Enchantress skill), then this would mean a 1.7x1.7x1.7x1.7= x8.35 multiplier on all damage.

Then do something with Elemental Exposure passive and the source (Primordial Soul) that buffs it. Primordial Soul needs at least 20-25% per stack. How about Tal Rasha spreading an Elemental Exposure Aura depending on your stack level? Just a random thought, though…

Another annoying factor of Meteor is that we need a way to gather up targets and then hit them with a hammer (aka Meteor)… so create a fast clearing build. I would use our second outer space skill… aka Black Hole, and sadly that one has no useful item support and pestered with a long cooldown. You could very well have a mechanic that drops a Black Hole on every Meteor cast and then repeats Meteor after Black Hole expires. That second Meteor could be a Molten Impact Meteor Shower with the effect of every rune… for more area of effect and damage. I want to be able to let Armageddon rain down on the hordes of hell.

As for damage reduction. Well, that seems to be a simple matter of figures. Tying it to a stack mechanic is okay, but it has to be strong enough (like 20% DR per stack or an equivalent amount of all resistances)… but they could very well grant an automatic equipped Energy Armor in addition to all resistances. That would be a really strong defensive power that also offers some offensive potential (+6% crit chance through Pinpoint Barrier rune)

The problematic part is mobility. Not sure if I want another Teleport unlock since Teleport offers NOTHING but Calamity (Arcane) inside a Tal Rasha setup. I made the suggestion to change Wave of Force in a way that casting Wave of Force teleports you before releasing its shock wave. This would essentially mean to have unlocked a quasi-Teleport/Calamity skill at the expense of 25 AP per cast - but with more variety in terms of elements, e.g. Heat Wave creates a fire element Teleport. Not to mention you won’t need that obnoxious wand and loose damage! It’s pretty charming if you ask me, but I would also be fine with something that grants movement speed based on stacks and allows to walk through enemies unhindered. No matter what, mobility is a must.

Finally the decision has to be made whether the set should still be buffing all damage or be limited to Meteor. If it’s all damage, then they need to up it quite a bit, but even then Meteor still needs some extra buff on top of that. Otherwise they can go wild, but that will likely piss of those who want to play Tal Rasha with Explosive Blast, Arcane Orb or whatever else might be worth a shot.

TLDR: much to do

If the Tal Rasha set and the related items go live as-is, then it’s DOA no matter what.


Wiz Changes so lackluster, you’d think Don Vu was still on D3 (Is he?)

They would never do this. This simple requires too much coding. Best we can hope for is changes to the teleport rune itself. They could bake-in Calamity and make teleport deal a small amount of damage baseline and just replace the Calamity rune with maybe something like a Lightning rune. Whatever’s clever. Honestly, Fracture could easily be a Lightning rune (with the baseline damage) and make a “Fire” teleport rune in Calamity’s place; Maybe deal X% fire damage/sec for 3 seconds after teleporting. Call it friction or whatever.

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While everything thing helps, slapping another afix on gear is not the way to do it imo. Boosting damage should by done by the set. Just make the 4/6 piece double Meteor damage, or whatever figure is needed.

I’m getting tired that a lot of the Wizard stuff is burried under under stacking mechanisms. The multi elemental set that is said to be TR is basically having 1 skill doing damage and the other 3 just to get your DR. Color me not impressed by this design.

Nuff said. Been a while since I played, but I hardly think something has changed in the fact that our mobility is crap compared to other classed unless a Wizard sacrificies a good chunk of his damage … and even then I found it usually impossible to keep up.

I’d prefer it still buff all damage as limiting it to meteor would really hurt build diviserity. Having said that, extra help with Meteor, or possibly one or more skills (I’m dying for genuine disintegrate build) would be nice to have.

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Only been 10 years., so far, right?


I wouldn’t mind your idea either, but they won’t rework Teleport. No matter what. Ever. That would have happened long ago otherwise. These days getting such a skill do-over is nothing but a futile wish. And worse, just reworking Teleport in that way wouldn’t fix the mobility issue for Tal Rasha - you can bet, they won’t do away with the Teleport cooldown.
That’s why Wave of Force would be so nice - no cooldown, just AP costs. The coding part should be a trivial thing, though. I wouldn’t accept such an excuse. If they can execute on cast" effects like creating a Slow Time on target inside DMO, then they easily execute an unruned (automatic) Teleport to your target when you hit “Wave of Force”. But still, you are correct in that they’ll never do it.

Well, I do agree. But the stacking will stay. Set dungeon needs it, lol… anyways, I have no issue with a stacking in general, but right now this mechanic on Tal Rasha feels like it’s really only there to annoy the player. Wouldn’t mind a complete overhaul, but I guess that will take some more seasons to happen.

True enough. Though given they touched the set now, I would expect that something happens once we are a little further down the road. I think, TR will go live as is… then rot for 1-2 seasons in this miserable state and get a simple damage buff and a more streamlined DR along with it. Same as Typhons went…

Think what Teleport could use is a heavy CD reduction. It’s just too long. If the base would be 6-8 seconds then CD reduction on gear would make it quite fast cd and you’d have quite decent movement with illusionist.

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Yes. Teleport CD is too long, and it had some serious pathing issues and lacking runes. I mean, when was the last time anyone used Reversal or Fracture? Never. Fracture could have been tweaked to summon Mirror Images, but Reverse was always just straight trash.

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Not only Teleport could use that. Meteor Molten Impact is also way too long for the damage it deals. But that’s a different story.

Regarding Teleport, there’s not much to add to what Venaliter wrote. The cooldown is way too long (heck, Aetherwalker should be baked into the skill. Period), but pathing issue is just as nasty. Regarding the runes, yes… Fracture summoning MI should be a no-brainer - and Mirror Image rework along with it. As for Reversal, that one is easily the most obsolete skill/rune wizards have. They could introduce a Cyclone Strike like effect that teleports mobs to you instead of teleporting yourself.

Thank you!

Would be a nice Cold rune.

Wizards have some of the worst designed skills (and items) in the game, along with monks. Not-so-coincidentally, the same guy was the primary designer for both classes. Imagine what could have been with a guy who wasn’t so disinterested or out-of-his-depth, or, perhaps more charitably, a competing vison. He believed fast-paced button mashing was exciting. But that doesn’t explain how weak his legendaries and runes were.

He’s on Diablo IV now, in addition to his “time-share” on D3.