When will the season end in Europe?

for my case with the double bounties cache i farming 15k of each in 2 month
i want the season end to prepare my non season characters to the next patch who launched 11 november

it means:

  • reforge sets because next patch change is retroactive on it and items that new builds use and who are not modified in the next patch to ancient or primal
    -caldesan 3 characters so upgrade enough gem to 120 for thirds
  • have my 4k paragon no season to test 11 november when patch launch
    -take my time to test gameplay i prefer to play it in season 22
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“It’s the end of the World”

Some people actually play non-seasonal heroes, and might want to see how much further they can push with their amalgamated paragon levels and/or gear from their seasonal hero(es) / stash / inventories.


Yes, I usually do that.

Cannot get it. Do idiots work in Blizzard. It happened so many times, when they gave one time but it did not happen. Why it is so difficult just to finish the season in time, when it was promised? Absolutely ridiculous.


So is it the 8th November 2021 ?

Europe here. They are already late for 1.5 hours. What is even the point of giving official promises if they are not keeping them???


It’s Mr. Trump. He just finished Chapter I and now wants to start Chapter II. He ensists and is willing to go to court for it. :frowning:


Asia servers still running S21 I just created a seasonal char there.
Don’t expect anything today I guess, they will notice something went wrong with their automatic scheduling, as always, when someone looks at it, maybe.
Incompetence seems to be the norm, working as intended being the exception.


He’s more familiar with Chapter 11.


This is why I don’t buy D4 or any Bliz games anymore. This Blizzard is not a company we loved back in times. This is Activision’s slave serving Chinese market, with half the state fired and almost nonexistent support of their projects.


my version. It’s night for US, so just wait around 5-7 hrs

Let’s hope S22 start won’t go through same issues.


Night? It’s 1 pm in New York. And 10 am in Irvine.

You just have to hope there’s at least one guy on work duty today, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

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Donald is working, but he won’t stop his season.

Maybe 23:59 and 59 seconds… Well, technically it will still be november 8th.

A minute late and people start complaining. Don’t know whats going on with Blizzard? Then don’t presume so much.

I’m guessing they’ll end Season 21 on time and notice: “Oh, crap! We forgot to end the Season for Asia and Europe Regions.” So, all 3 Regions will end at 5:00 PM PST.

Of course, it’s still Sunday (the weekend) in California. Maybe Blizzard forgot to decide who was going to come into the office today to end the Season on time.

Sorry for the delay folks! I updated a reply here and will post in this thread as well regarding EU servers as soon as I hear back or when the servers go down (whichever comes first).