When will the new season (season 18) start?


Probably late to this, but I just realized that you can like blue posts now.


Of course you can vote on blue posts now that it’s only possible to up-vote them.


Consent is key. Please ask before you touch your friendly neighborhood Free.

I, for one, certainly appreciate your recent presence here on the forums, and I suspect I’m far from alone in that sentiment. In the past, it often feels that a given forum’s most important topics go completely unnoticed, and the communication between posters and CMs is threadbare. Even a quick acknowledgement goes a long way!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope we see more of you here on the forums going forward! Don’t be a stranger! :smiley:


We can’t flag them, though.


I can flag anything. Look… :uk:


That just means I can’t be a country. No flag, no country.


Working on a blog post for S18?

So they already have the next theme set in stone as well as all patch notes/bug fixes.

Another slow month where none of our discussion matters.


If the three month cycle holds, it would be 8/18 for an end date and 8/23 for a start date at the earliest. I would put three weeks in there for wiggle room and say the latest would be 9/8-9/13.


Checking Diablo sites every day for new PTR even though no new PTR is coming in certain days


Hoping for later. Going to be in Iceland on vacation till 9/15


May be too curious and specific but what can we expect for S18? Would it ever go beyond seasonal theme and tweaks here and there? Now that D3 is under control of classic games department I think I know the answer but it’s so disappointing to learn nothing really changes each season.


Wow, i just log in here to JUST say thanks for this amazing answer.

it’s been a long time the forum struggler to see great, fast and reliable blue post and this is the kind of thing we need in this new forum… Great blue Answer !

Thnks again @Nevalistis and please, keep this kind of post we deserve it, great job :+1:


I really like Nevalistis, I sure hope she hangs around. Remember she can only tell us what the corporate heads tell her to say, so lets all play nice. :ok_hand:


No flag. No country. Thats the rule I just made up. And Im backing it up with this gun.


I’ve got a primal Deathwish that I rerolled on my first try that I REALLY need to put on my NS toon.


already playing NS again, mainly as season buff is pretty useless on my barb


got a bk sword would like to do the same with


I can’t wait. This season hasn’t offered much to me. I just can’t get into LoN builds.

That and reforging a legendary 30 times to see one ancient that was awful didn’t help any. So, I stopped playing this season.


I’ll take another 4 months Season, if it means getting all the Barb Buffs in order.



I’d even be willing to wait for 2.6.7 if it meant getting the buffs Barbs truly need!