Whay ppl prefer comander over finery in bomba akham crus?

finery increses ure str then increses base thorns damage b4 stacks isnt it? that means when u get 25 stacks this increses becomes 25 times higher

and comander just bring a couple more bombardements every min with akam set and u got every minute 15-16 2 more is not so significant as having much more damage in rest isnt it?

can some1 explaind me this a little bit plz

My take on it is…

Lord Commander doesn’t just reduce the cooldown on Bombardment, it’s also for Steed Charge. The new Norvald’s gives a damage bonus for a number of seconds after Steed Charge ends so this helps you maintain the damage boost by always being able to re-cast Steed Charge before the buff duration runs out.

In addition to Meteor’s response, the Lord Commander passive is the only practical way to ensure bombardment on every Physical cycle, which you calculates out to being a bit more extra damage:

CoE Cycles
1 1
1 1
1 1
6 6
1 1
1 1
1 1
3 6
15 vs 18 = 20% more damage

Finery is 15% more damage.

then for solo if u dont wear coe cuz u are wearing unity its better finery?

CoE is what most of your damage is based on. Since you only try to get 25 invoker stacks for physical cycle. Rest of the time should be spent pulling mobs to maximise area damage.
Dropping coe is a huge mistake imo.