What's Blizz's stance on streamers who verbally abuse members of this community?

Yep there were such times in old forums. Not so much nowadays though. Everybody gets bashed there initially. It is their acceptance ceremony or so :slight_smile: Back in the day when I found the BK swords attack speed buff that was nerfing its zodiac procs, no one believed. I made a forum post and then a reddit post*, developers immediately responded and fixed BK sword. Apparently we had been using it bugged from the beginning. But it was faced with criticism initially (this bug fix let us drop some CdR from Zodiac build and place those points in to IAS increasing WW BPs). However, there are so many knowledgeable players there and intellectual clashes are inevitable. One must know this before doing any discussion there. However, at the end of the day, they know how to make peace as well.

*Reference below

Sorry had to do it lol.


Streamer or not, Hater or not. Im not here to brag or flex. But not to long ago I came here to discuss my achievement for a s17 which was i became #1 ww barb of NA server in s17 and immediately I was bashed on. From that day on I never felt any appreciation for my work I did in such little time with a bunch of people Hating.

Once again i come here to say, Haters going to hate. Trollers going troll.

#1 ww barb NA SERVER S17 at #196 spot.

Barbarians will rise!

I used to be a rave dj, flying all over the world, spinning at the most hedonistic parties and getting the hottest chicks. Money flowing out my designer jeans. But that wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted more.

I wanted to be a part of the barbarian community in diablo 3


Blizzard is doing too much already to police our every damn move.
Unless the guy incited harrassment, just stop crying and move on. Anyone is entitled to criticize posts online. There are no real names involved. If he asked his followers to do anything, it’s a line crossed. Just showing and commenting is not.

I guess my question is: Are you doing this for a good reason or just to get back at someone who hurt your feelings? I’m not saying it’s one or the other, I don’t know. But lately i’ve seen people acting more and more like they are a snowflake or made of crystal glass.


While Free is an abrasive jerk, at least to me, I will say that Fluffy went after him in a very aggressive and frankly crude way. Two wrongs do not make anyone look better.

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But internet is life to then. they cant survive if they werent streaming, or instagramming every second of their live, etc. its interesting how the internet has changed society eh

The only question I have left is who’s alt is HelloYou?

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You just gotta cry about it

I know personally that’s not true. I’ve had a post flagged enough that it was hidden. No action was taken as a result of the flags (as it didn’t breach the CoC) but the post was never unhidden after manual review.

So, would someone saying “Barbarian is OP” over and over count as libel as it hasn’t been true for years? Should I hire a forum lawyer? :wink:

This is a joke.

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I guess everyone’s experience can be different. :wink:

Umm… excuse me?

Who bashed you?

Your original post is here: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20) - #16 by Edurty-11167

Jeb was skeptical, which isn’t bashing, and Micro (who is, I want to stress, not welcome as a part of the greater Barb community) had . . . something (?) to communicate to you. As for me, I congratulated you, then explained it wasn’t the top WW clear that Season. You replied. The whole conversation was pretty friendly.

Here was what I said to you:

And here was your reply:

I may be just a dumb Southern fella, but that there looks pretty friendly to me.

Maybe you’re referring to Endeavor’s response in which he points out there was a higher NA Hardcore clear, and while I admit he can be terse, you were never bashed.

So, yeah. Not bashed, and we didn’t sing your praises to the high heavens, but . . I congratulated you and encouraged you to record videos of clears so we could archive them?

Somehow you translate that to bashing?


Have your lawyer call my lawyer.


Man, wth, that’s literally what I said.


We shouldn’t have to explain ourselves on every single nonsense these people accuse us, Free


Agreed. But some of these accusations are just… bonkers. Edurty getting “bashed?” You can see the entire conversation above. It’s like saying he felt “unsafe” because someone disagreed with him. Some folks feel they can use whatever word to mean whatever they want it to mean, and that’s not okay, particularly when it’s being used to discredit or attack others.


No if, buts, or hows. Drop the stupid conversation. This will go nowhere, and you guys all know it. BE WELCOMING< OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS>DON’T PRETEND TO BE THE TOP DOG OF ALL>IN THE END<IT DOESN’T MATTER

I think it would be different if people were using their real names, but they aren’t.

What are you talking about?

Did you read my post above?

OH ya cuz I wouldve totally recommended they nerf static charge back when, it still was the right decision, and like static charge it was slightly overdone


You picked a bad time to come back buddy. Barbarians getting nerfed next patch thanks to a certain streamer!